How to choose a ladder with good longevity and firmness

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Aluminum alloy ladder, in terms of service life and firmness, there is no doubt that folding ladder is better, and may be better than telescopic  The life of the ladder is 2-3 years.  In terms of carrying and storing, it is more convenient to use telescopic ladders. Folding ladders are large in size and telescopic ladders are small in size.  Choose according to your actual needs.  The telescopic ladder is suitable for home use, and the folding ladder is suitable for advertising, surveillance, and unit use.

If you use it frequently and require high load and stability, then buy a folding ladder.  The aluminum ladder should be consolidated. The pillars of the ladder should be able to accept the total weight of the operator, the things they carry, and the materials when climbing. The crosspieces of the rigid ladder should be embedded on the pillars. The spacing of the steps should not be greater than 40 cm.  And set a height limit sign at the top of the interval ladder 1 meter.  When using a ladder, hanging ladder, or moving with a ladder, only one person is allowed to work on the ladder, hanging ladder or ladder head.  Before the operator arrives at the ladder head to perform work and the ladder head starts to move, the seal of the ladder head should be closed firmly, or the maintenance rope should be used to prevent the ladder from unhooking.

Aluminum alloy ladder, tensile strength description: a frame made of magnesium alloy material of the same volume is not as strong as  Aluminum alloy, to achieve the strength of the frame, it is necessary to increase the material thickness and tube length, so from the weight point of view, there is no advantage in comparing magnesium alloy with aluminum alloy.  Fatigue strength description: The durability of a frame made of magnesium alloy material of the same volume is worse than that of an aluminum alloy frame.  It is also a fatal disadvantage of magnesium alloys.  As the number of rides increases, the number of stress occurrences increases, and the strength will be significantly reduced. Even the life of the frame does not exceed 2-3 years. Therefore, professional riders rarely use magnesium alloy frames. If they are used in competitions,  It is also calculated that the mileage is replaced in the form of discarding.

Manufacturing cost description: Because magnesium alloy is an active metal, manufacturing equipment and environment have higher requirements.  As a result of the high manufacturing cost, the bicycle frame produced is far less cost-effective than the aluminum alloy frame.  The orchard aluminum ladder is now used for agriculture, artAn indispensable tool in the garden industry, we must strictly abide by the regulations in each picking process for ripe fruit picking, and carefully check the quality of the ladder each time it is used before it can be used safely.

Aluminum alloy ladder, generally can be judged by the material to check the gloss of the profile surface, if it is selected to use back material  The surface of the ladder made is dull or pale, with no gloss (basically not reflective), and the touch feel is relatively rough. The surface made of the new material has very good gloss, and the touch feel is relatively smooth and delicate; you can also see the toughness of the material  Qualified aluminum alloy materials should be able to return to their original state immediately after being squeezed by an allowable external force. If they cannot be restored immediately, then this kind of ladder has a great safety hazard.  In order to prevent poor quality ladders from hurting us when checking the bearing capacity, we must first look at the maximum bearing capacity of the mark. When the bearing capacity is suitable for the weight, we can personally inspect it.