Introduce you the maintenance method of aluminum alloy ladder

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Aluminum alloy ladder, running-in maintenance, the ladder must be running-in maintenance during the running-in period.  When the machine is used during the specified running-in period, it must be used in accordance with the corresponding regulations, and the lubrication and tightening conditions must be checked comprehensively, and the conditions of the entire ladder must be observed. If any abnormalities are found, solve them in time.  The focus of running-in maintenance is to replace the lubricating oil, lubricate each part, and tighten each bolt.  Perform a secondary maintenance after the running-in period.

The storage and maintenance shall be carried out carefully in accordance with the storage requirements to reduce the erosion of the natural climate on the long-term storage ladder  .  Deformed aluminum alloys are divided into non-heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloys and heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloys. Non-heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloys cannot be heat-treated to improve mechanical properties, and can only be strengthened by cold working deformation. It mainly includes high-purity aluminum and industrial high  Pure aluminum, industrial pure aluminum and anti-rust aluminum, etc.  Heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloys can improve mechanical properties through heat treatment such as quenching and aging. It can be divided into duralumin, forged aluminum, super-duralumin and special aluminum alloys.

Aluminum alloy ladders, we know that generally in the process of using ladders, you need to keep them on a stable and firm level ground, not on a slippery ground. Secondly  If our operators are mentally or in poor physical condition, it is forbidden to use the ladder. When using the ladder, stand within a safe height range and leave at least one meter at the top. Do not use it under strong wind conditions.  Ladder, to prevent the ladder from falling down due to unstable standing, causing personal injury. Avoid using metal ladders in live places, because metal ladders have good conductivity. When climbing ladders, you must improve your own safety awareness.  Face the ladder and hold it firmly with both hands.

In the selection process of aluminum alloy ladder, first look at the material of the ladder and look at its surface  Whether it is shiny and textured, and whether the structure is tight; secondly, from the perspective of the workmanship of the ladder, see whether the various locks and parts are connected tightly and firmly; from the perspective of the ladder’s bearing capacity, use it after rigorous testing.

Aluminum alloy ladders, with the development of society and the refinement of industries, different industries and types of jobs will  Different requirements are put forward. Aluminum alloy ladders are required not only to be of good quality, but also to have specialized functions. Cleaning, try to avoid acid and alkaline chemicals contacting the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows to prevent corrosion; in addition, it is necessary to regularly check the connecting parts of the ladder.  Check other aspects and add lubricating oil if necessary to increase the flexibility of use.