How to ensure the firmness of aluminum telescopic ladder

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Aluminum alloy ladder, the current ladder material is not only solid wood, but also various metals or alloys. In our lives,  The frequency of use of ladders is still quite high, and various ladders are used when climbing or cleaning some high places.  Generally, you can judge the gloss of the surface of the profile by looking at the material. If the surface of the ladder made of recycled materials is dull or pale, there is no gloss, the touch feel is relatively rough, and the surface gloss made of new materials is very good.  The feel is relatively smooth and delicate; you can also see the toughness of the material. Qualified aluminum alloy materials should be able to return to their original state immediately after being squeezed by allowable external forces. If they cannot be restored immediately, then this ladder has great safety  Hidden dangers.

When the surface of aluminum profile is corroded and contaminated, it must be cleaned in time, and the dirt can be moistened with a soft cloth first  Put on alcohol or scented glue, scrub with alcohol first, if not, consider scrubbing with scented glue, and then rinse with water.  The use of aluminum alloy folding ladders, after helping us solve the difficulties, can be folded in time, which can save space. At the same time, with good maintenance methods, it can maintain the gloss of aluminum alloy folding ladders and extend the service life of aluminum alloy folding ladders.  .

Before use, check the aluminum telescopic ladder.  Make sure that the rails and foot covers of the aluminum telescopic ladder are firm and reliable, and there is no dirt or paint that prevents you from standing up.  When the aluminum alloy telescopic ladder is placed in front of the door, the door should be locked or tied, or equipped with a staff ring.  Ladder needs to be cleaned regularly. Since the ladder is often contaminated with mud and oil stains and other slippery substances during use, it must be cleaned up.

The cleaning of aluminum alloy ladders should avoid the use of harmful substances, just use the 1/  4 bleach is mixed with 3/4 of the water, soak it with toilet paper and wipe it back and forth to wipe it clean; or use nail polish remover and cotton cloth with nail polish remover, if there are dirty marksWipe the place back and forth gently, and there will be no traces; the oil fume commonly used in the kitchen can also remove the oil stains on the aluminum alloy ladder.  The substitutability of aluminum for stainless steel. Although the appearance of aluminum is not as good as stainless steel, it is still superior to ordinary steel materials in terms of corrosion resistance and appearance, and the price has a greater advantage over stainless steel.

Use aluminum or aluminum alloy to replace or partially replace stainless steel, although in terms of the performance and appearance of the finished product  Slightly inadequate, but it is economically very cost-effective and easier for consumers to accept.  The use of aluminum to replace other metal materials has become the lightweight choice of today's automobile manufacturing industry.  The main direction of current world automotive material technology development is lightweight and environmental protection.  Reducing the quality of automobiles is one of the effective measures to reduce automobile emissions and improve fuel efficiency.  The development and application of new lightweight materials will continue to be a hot spot for ladder materials.