Do chemicals affect aluminum ladders?

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Aluminum alloy ladder, aluminum alloy stamping ladder has lower density and lighter weight than other commonly used metals, and its density is only 2.70g/cm3. It is copper or  1/3 of the iron, no need to consider its required load-bearing capacity during use.  The aluminum alloy stamping ladder has good ductility and can be made into light alloy with many metal elements with high quality materials.  Aluminum stamping ladder has good casting performance and can be processed into ladders of different shapes.  It is chemically stable, non-magnetic, and can be recycled and reused. It is a benign and recyclable metal material.  Preparations before using aluminum alloy ladders. When we use aluminum alloy ladders, in order to ensure the safety of use, we usually do some preparations before using the ladder.

show you what preparations should be done.  We must ensure that all rivets, bolts, nuts and moving parts are tightly connected, the ladder column and the steps are firm and reliable, the extension circlips and hinges are in good working condition, and the ladder is kept clean, free of grease, oil, wet paint, mud, snow and other slippery substances.  We will use ladders for high-altitude operations. Once slipping occurs, it will be very dangerous.  Therefore, the operator's shoes should be kept clean, and leather-soled shoes are forbidden to prevent slippage.

Resin sac or bark sac: resin sac or tree with a width less than 3mm, a length less than 50mm, and a depth less than 10mm  There should be no more than one bladder within any length of 1m.  Knots: Ladder beams and treads must not contain dead knots. On any surface of the component, the sum of all knots must not be greater than 1/3 of the width of the surface, and must not be located on the edge of the component.  When using and placing the ladder, look at the surrounding environment to see if there are some chemical substances. If there are chemical substances, you must check whether these chemical substances have an effect on the aluminum ladder.

After using the aluminum alloy ladder, it must be cleaned to a certain extent. The purpose of cleaning the ladder is  Avoid that some chemicals on the ladder will slowly corrode the ladder during useAnd cleaning the ladder can also make the ladder look bright.  All metal fittings should be fastened by bolts.  The diameter of hinge pin is not less than 8mm.  The installation or combination of movable parts should ensure flexible operation and avoid bending or loosening.  The ladder foot should be made of general synthetic rubber (styrene butadiene rubber).  For all wooden stepladders equipped with a platform, the platform should be firmly connected to the ladder.

The bottom of each single ladder must be reinforced with a steel rod with a diameter of not less than 5mm.  Metal washers should be added to the contact surface of the nut and the ladder beam.  The telescopic ladder is not afraid of exposure to the sun or freezing. If the water enters in the rain, just wipe the water with a dry cloth. Do not dry the water, in case the water seeps into the accessories after a long time.  Use of ladders.  Also, is to occasionally wipe off the dust on the ladder, especially the connection point between the round pipe and the round pipe, which will affect the operation and use over time.  Occasionally, the service life of the ladder will be much longer and the use of the ladder will be much safer.