What are the differences in the application areas of the climbing step ladder

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Climb up the step ladder, the aluminum profile product structure will be significantly adjusted.  This adjustment is embodied in the adjustment between the varieties of architectural aluminum profiles, the adjustment between architectural aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles.  It will be replaced by broken bridge thermal insulation and energy-saving building aluminum profiles.  The adjustment between architectural aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles is an inevitable trend. Currently, more than 70% of the current aluminum extrusion projects under construction or projects that are about to start are positioned to produce industrial aluminum profiles, and listed companies raise funds for projects under construction  It is nearly 100% positioned in industrial aluminum profiles, and the practice of the aluminum extrusion industry is sufficient to illustrate the adjustment trend of aluminum extrusion product structure.

Elevate to a suitable operating height, and after ensuring that the  The fixed block is broken out and fixed, then the lifting rope is tied up, and the ladder is opened to a suitable width before use. Please lift and lower gently when lifting.  The herringbone lift and the lifting channel should be operated by two people less. When lifting, the two people pull the rope together, and lightly rise and fall together. The ladder over 6 meters should be operated by at least two more people to prevent the uneven force at both ends of the ladder from shifting the center of gravity.  Risk of causing the ladder to fall to one side.  If the ladder is to the terrace or channel, the top three levels should be higher than the exterior level of the terrace/channel.  Inclined and erected ladders must meet the requirements of 4:1 safety viewpoint.

Many telescopic ladders or hints that have been provided with a safe slope are attached to the handrails.  Use ropes to fasten the handrail position (not the step) of the ladder top and the foot of the ladder to a firm fulcrum.  If you cannot fix the ladder  with a rope, you must ask someone to help fasten the ladder (step on the step with one foot and hold the two handrails).

Climb the ladder with both hands. If you want to bring tools or materials, you should wear a backpack or waist bag  required objects.  You should not bring long or heavy objects.  The body should not lean or stretch forward too much, and the feet should not step beyond the steps.  When needed, reposition the ladder to the required position to prevent the body from overextending.

There are many types of ascending ladders, and the scope of application of each type of ascending ladder is also different. The safety function of the herringbone ladder is higher, and there are more herringbone ladders used at home.  A type of climbing thing used for decoration and other tasks in the space above the plane. Because of its use, the front and rear ladder rods and the ground form an isosceles triangle, which looks like a herringbone, so it is called the image  The word ladder'. The herringbone ladder also has some functional characteristics. The ladder is a convenient thing for people to climb, but you can always see the fall due to the quality of the ladder. This requires us to check the quality when choosing the ladder.  .