The aluminum alloy ladder should be properly protected when used in a live environment

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Aluminum alloy ladder, a telescopic switch combined by a spring and an iron plate is added to the square pedal, and there is a hand push on the side of the pedal to control the telescopic  Switch, so that when the tube stretches to the same position as the iron rod, the iron rod will pop in .  After checking the expanded state of the ladder, please carefully confirm that all hinges are in the locked position before using it. If there is a hinge with the lock block in position, open its symmetrical hinge, and then fold the ladder column inward about 40 degrees.  Expand outward to lock the pair of hinges.

Ladders with a total length of less than or equal to 4 meters can be used as straight ladders. At this time, the ladder and the ground  The included angle should be greater than 75 degrees, and the hinge in the middle of the ladder should face the wall.  Development of new materials for high-performance electronic aluminum alloy aluminum foil has a wide range of uses. In order to produce new materials for aluminum foil with various functions, various functions, and different uses, various countries have developed a variety of new alloys for aluminum foil, especially high-performance electronics and capacitors.  New aluminum alloy used for aluminum foil.  Features: The pedal is divided into two sections and connected by hinged keys; the supporting rods are also hinged between the corresponding main ladder rods on the two main ladder frames, and the supporting rods are connected by hinged keys, and the length of the supporting rod is longer than the pedal  A connecting rod passes through the hinge key on the pedal and the hinge key on the support rod to connect the pedal and the support rod in series, and the hinge key on the pedal and the hinge key on the support rod.

In order to prevent poor quality ladders from hurting us when checking the tolerance, we must first look at the large  What is the bearing capacity? When the bearing capacity is suitable for the weight, you can personally check it. In addition: it cannot be aggravated at once, you need to add some weight tests when you can bear it.  If the stepladder does not have a working design, the high standing point should be one hand that can hold a layer of the ladder tightly and maintain balance.

Should not stand at the top of the stepladder or work on the top board where objects are placed.  When using a stepladder, it should be fully opened or locked and placed on a stable surface.  When opening or closing the ladder, keep your hands away from the ladder hinge and the ladder lock clamp.  High strength, light weight (glass steel grilleThe density is not more than 2, which is only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum. Its strength is 10 times that of rigid polyvinyl chloride, and its absolute strength exceeds the level of aluminum and ordinary steel), impact resistance, insulation  , Magnetic permeability is very good.

Corrosion resistance (with acid resistance, alkali resistance, organic solvent and salt resistance and many other gas and liquid media  Corrosion performance. According to the requirements of actual use occasions, it can be economically selected to use o-phthalic, isophthalic, and vinyl resins as the matrix material), resistance to decay and fading.  The insulation performance decreases after being exposed to moisture.  Therefore, if it is used in a live environment, please pay attention to proper protection during transportation and storage to prevent moisture or damage and reduce the insulation performance.  Keep the exterior tidy and clean.