Pay attention to the position of your body when using aluminum ladders

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Aluminum alloy ladder, the bamboo joint telescopic ladder is a product of modern technology. Its structural principle is to imitate the bamboo joint, and the telescopic effect is similar to telescopic fishing  The pole is similar. In order to achieve the effect of telescoping and retracting and being able to carry weight, a round hole is opened on the round tube of this ladder, and a telescopic switch combined by a spring and an iron plate is added to the square pedal. There is a hand to control the expansion and contraction on the side of the pedal.  Push the switch so that the iron rod will bounce in when the tube stretches to the same position as the iron rod.  After extending the ladder, keep the overlapped part at a certain overlap distance.

The overlap distance of ladders under 8 meters should be at least 75 cm, and the overlap distance of ladders over 8 meters should be at  More than 110 cm.  Lift to a suitable height. After making sure that the lifting clip is stuck to the step, remove the fixed block at the bottom of the upper ladder and fasten the lifting rope. Open the ladder to a suitable width before use. Please lift gently when lifting  Light down.  The herringbone lift and the lifting platform should be operated by two people. When lifting, two people are pulling the rope at the same time, and at the same time, the ladder should be lifted and lowered slightly. The ladder over 6 meters should be operated by at least two people to prevent the uneven force on both sides of the ladder from shifting the center of gravity.  Risk of falling to one side of the ladder.

There are two movable lifting fixing devices on both sides of the lifting platform. When moving, they are folded, lifted and  When working, please open them to a suitable width and lock them for fixation.  Household aluminum alloy folding ladder, including the main ladder rod, the end of the main ladder rod is hinged by the main hinge key, the side of the main ladder rod is hinged to make the main ladder rod close or expand in a herringbone shape, the main ladder  The rod, the main hinged key and the foldable hinge form an "A"-shaped main ladder frame when unfolded, and the pedals are hinged between the corresponding main ladder rods on the two main ladder frames.

The gloss can be seen through the material. The surface treatment is not smooth, generally good aluminum structure  Close. It feels different when you touch it with your hands.  In order to prevent the poor quality ladder from hurting us when checking the bearing capacity, we must first look at the big bearing capacity.When it is suitable for your body weight, you can check it yourself. In addition, you can’t increase the weight all at once, you need to add some weight tests when you can bear it.  Do not extend the body excessively, and place the stepladder directly in front of the work.  Working sideways is the main cause of accidents, which can cause the body to overextend and cause the body to lose weight and fall.

The body should not be overextended, and the stepladder should be placed directly in front of the work.  Working sideways is the main cause of accidents, which can cause the body to overextend and cause the body to lose weight and fall.  Corrosion resistance (with acid resistance, alkali resistance, organic solvent and salt resistance and many other gas and liquid media corrosion properties.  According to the requirements of the actual use occasion, you can economically choose to use o-phthalic, isophthalic, and vinyl  Resin as matrix material), resistant to decay and fading.