When purchasing a ladder, check whether the joint is stuck in position

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Aluminum alloy ladder, in order to avoid the poor quality ladder from hurting us when checking the acceptance, we must first look at the large acceptance  How much can be checked personally when the receptivity is suitable for the weight. Another: it should not be aggravated for a while, and some weight tests should be added when it is acceptable.  Ladder is a convenient thing for people to climb, but you can always see the fall that occurs due to the quality of the ladder. This requires us to check the quality when choosing the ladder.  Aluminum alloy ladder size Generally speaking, the height of the 11-level herringbone ladder made by different ladder factories is different, there are: 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 40cm and even 50cm.

When purchasing a joint ladder, check whether the joint is stuck in place and whether the sound is loud.  When purchasing a telescopic ladder, check whether the rope pulls smoothly and whether the hook is worn.  Different brands and manufacturers, of course, the price of aluminum alloy ladders will also vary.  The price of aluminum alloy ladders ranges from several hundred yuan.  The ladder should be consolidated. The pillars of the ladder should be able to accept the total weight of the operator, the things they carry, and the materials when climbing. The rungs of the rigid ladder should be embedded on the pillars. The spacing of the steps should not be greater than 40 cm.  Set a height limit sign  at the top of the interval ladder 1 meter.

When using horizontally on the pole tower, use a special special ladder.  Before operation, the two ends of the ladder should be firmly connected with the fixed object. Generally, one person should work on the ladder.  When using a single ladder, the oblique angle between the ladder and the ground is about 60 degrees, which is not suitable for binding.  A telescopic switch combined with a spring and an iron plate is added to the square pedal, and there is a hand push switch that controls the expansion and contraction on the side of the pedal, so that the iron rod will bounce in when the tube stretches to a position that overlaps the iron rod.

After checking the extended use of the ladder, please carefully confirm that all hinges are in the locked position before use.  If there is a hinge with a lock block in position, open its symmetrical hinge, then fold the ladder column inward about 40 degrees, and then expand it outwardThen the pair of hinges can be locked.

The gloss can be seen through the material. The surface treatment is not smooth, generally good aluminum structure  Close. It feels different when you touch it with your hands.  When using a stepladder, it should be fully opened or locked and placed on a stable surface.  When opening or closing the ladder, keep your hands away from the ladder hinge and the ladder lock clamp.  If there is a workbench design on the stepladder, the workbench must be equipped with appropriate railings, and the standing point should not exceed the workbench.  Do not stand on a stepladder to move the ladder (walking), this is a very dangerous behavior.