Advantages of using high-strength aluminum alloy for climbing step ladder material

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Climbing step ladder, the steel ladder step board is to press the twisted square steel at a certain distance into the flat steel of the lateral force to obtain the welding spot  Firm, plate-shaped, rectangular grid plate.  Galvanized steel grating is a storage device specially used to store items, usually used in storage rooms. Shelf galvanized steel grating has many applications, among which the shelf is a kind of deformation, which is very important in logistics and warehouses.  Position, with the rapid development of modern industry, the number of logistics has also greatly increased. In order to improve the modern management level of the warehouse and improve the functions of the warehouse, not only a large number of shelves are required, but also multi-functions, which can complete mechanization and automation.

The material is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, and more durability.  The interface is fully welded, which has the advantages of stable structure and not easy to loosen.  The product has the characteristics of light weight, good load, and convenient use.  Non-standard can be customized.

Mobile platform ladder What should be paid attention to when installing?

1. The requirements of the installation personnel, the installation personnel of the lifting platform include fitters, electricians and general workers. The number of personnel is determined according to the actual conditions such as the number of elevators and the installation period  .  The installation personnel have undergone special technical training and are certified to work.  The installation team has a leader who is responsible for installation planning, organization, coordination, security, etc., and manages the construction period.

2. Before the installation of the construction schedule, the installation team leader compiles the construction schedule according to the workload, contract duration requirements, and site conditions.  After the installation is carried out normally, it shall be executed in strict accordance with the construction schedule.

Aluminum alloy ladder companies can only accelerate transformation and reform, strengthen their own corporate market competitiveness, and improve their reputation and reputation.  The key is to establish a brand that allows companies to rely on brands and channels to survive the "severe winter" of development!  In the era of globalization of the economy, aluminum alloy ladder companies must establish a global strategic thinking, strengthen the need to strengthen, the innovation of technological innovation, absorb operating funds, improve themselves in an all-round way, and comprehend the three  Zi Jue can achieve better development in the current era of survival of the fittest.