How to choose step platform ladder and mobile feeding ladder

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Mobile platform ladder, step platform ladder, mobile feeding ladder How to choose: choose different load according to the weight requirements of the items you put  Series; According to the number and size of the tool, choose the drawer and size that suits it; according to the reasonable planning of the space, determine the quantity and different combinations of purchase; the load capacity determines the selected materials, that is, the cost and price, please customers when ordering  Analyze the load capacity correctly.  One side of the climbing ladder is equipped with steps (there are handrails beside the steps) for users to board the platform, and the other three sides of the platform are equipped with guardrails to ensure the safety of the operators.  The working surface of the platform can accommodate 1-2 people standing, turning and moving.

Users can complete actions such as stacking items from high places such as shelves on the platform of the ascending car.  In addition, the ascending car is equipped with casters, which can be pushed and pulled by the user to move, which is convenient and quick.  Among them, the front casters are equipped with wheel brakes. After the brakes are stopped, the climbing ladder is fixed and immovable, and the user can safely and safely climb.  The Climbing Step Ladder is made of high-quality steel, and has undergone treatment processes such as pickling, rust removal, phosphating, electrostatic powder spraying, and baking varnish.  Equipped with high-quality casters: two fixed wheels and two movable brake wheels, which can move flexibly and securely.  The treads and platform surfaces are made of patterned steel gratings to reduce the risk of slipping during manual access operations.

Before using the mobile hydraulic climbing car, first place the support frame with the crank to ensure the climbing car  The platform and the carriage are kept at the same level to ensure that each adjustment support leg can receive a balanced force. Then, tighten the nut of each support leg; hang the hook on the container truck carriage to hang the place where the force is applied, and ensure that the chain is stressed to avoid boarding  The truck carriage on the axle shifts during the operation; Put down the grounding link plate at the rear to ensure that there is no height difference between the connecting plate and the ground, and realize the stepless direct boarding operation. At this time, the climbing truck is ready and ready for use  Up.

Choose high-quality stainless steel (steel) as the originalMaterial, corrosion resistance, sturdy and durable, reliable quality; using seamless welding technology, the welding port is polished smooth, beautiful, and easy to clean; the base is equipped with a lockable universal guide wheel, which is convenient to move; the pedal locking mechanism is configured, and the bottom pedal can be automatically pressed  Fix the ladder; press the unlocking lever under the bottom pedal to easily move the cargo elevator.  Detachable connection, convenient for transportation.  It is suitable for libraries, supermarkets, warehouses and other workplaces to be used in supermarkets, and warehouses are used for picking and placing items; it can be customized according to customer needs.

Small ascending ladder work ladder platform in the workshop, the overall load-bearing 300kg, mainly used in industrial workshops, logistics warehouses, supermarkets  In places such as shopping malls, libraries and bookstores, climbing in a small area is mainly for observing the situation on the machine tool, throwing materials, and maintaining higher facilities.  The main body of the climbing car is made of stainless steel pipe fittings or rectangular tubes. The pedals of the climbing ladder are printed anti-slip steel plates. The wheels are equipped with load-bearing and anti-slip universal brake wheels and directional wheels.