Purchase experience and use experience of personal household aluminum alloy ladder

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Now the "guide shopping" sites such as Xiaohongshu are full of fake shopping "experiences", and there is no one.

According to the needs of customers, write down the purchase experience of household aluminum alloy ladders.

Three basic principles for the purchase of ladders:

1. Ladder for personal household, not too professional work ladder, industrial ladder.  There is no need to purchase from a professional point of view, after all, we are households, not dedicated to plumbers.

2. Ladder is very heavy, so the transportation cost is relatively high. Many of them are bought locally. The ladder also provides logistics and express delivery for foreign customers.  The ladder market is chaotic. You can buy many brands, other brands, or even no brands online or in local hardware stores.

3. Definitely recommended by conscience, tell the truth, decipher the inside story of the ladder industry.

The beginning of the text:

1. First of all, let’s talk about the types of ladders. The daily use is aluminum alloy straight ladders.  And Aluminum alloy herringbone ladder.

Generally, it is relatively rare for straight ladder households.  Especially for individual households, the living area is limited and the storage of straight ladders is not convenient, so it is unlikely to buy straight ladders.  There are many types of straight ladders, but pure straight ladders, such as wood, steel pipe, and bamboo, which are common when we were young, are rare. Now most of them are aluminum alloy folding ladders or aluminum alloy telescopic ladders  Strong>, aluminum alloy folding ladders and telescopic ladders are light in weight, high in strength, and easy to carry and store. This is the more powerful advantage of aluminum alloy ladders.

Aluminum alloy herringbone ladder

Aluminum alloy straight ladder

Aluminum alloy folding ladder joints can be folded 360 degrees (generally every  One card at 90 degrees).  Various shapes can be made to suit various working environments.  There are not so many shapes of aluminum telescopic ladders. Some telescopic ladders can be folded with one joint (that is, aluminum alloy herringbone telescopic ladders, or aluminum alloy double-sided telescopic ladders).  Telescopic ladders are favorites of plumbers.  The battery car is very easy to carry. Unfortunately, the aluminum alloy telescopic ladder is not suitable for family use.


The short board of aluminum alloy ladder is too large.  They are generally purchased by professional construction units.  Most straight ladders are made of aluminum alloy, but some joints are inevitably made of iron or zinc alloy.  It is easy to rust if stored improperly.  It is more difficult to manufacture aluminum alloy telescopic ladders.  It's hard to make it durable.  Some big factories even dare not  make telescopic ladders and folding ladders.  The aluminum telescopic ladders produced by major factories seem to be produced only by fake German brands (Germany is in the European Union, and the European ladder standard is en131, so it is difficult to produce qualified telescopic ladders), but the white steel aluminum industry is engaged in aluminum alloy  The old manufacturer of ladder manufacturing and processing for more than 20 years has extremely high experience in the manufacturing and processing of aluminum alloy telescopic ladders. The products of Baigang Aluminum are also selected by major state-owned enterprises, such as China Mobile, Sinopec, Beijing Daxing Aviation  And other major domestic and foreign companies purchase.

Okay, back to the topic, this article is talking about the purchase of household ladders.  Households are mainly aluminum alloy herringbone ladders.  A-shaped herringbone ladder.  There are 3 specific subdivisions: whether there is an armrest, whether there is a tool box, whether it is unilateral, etc., you can see it in the following three pictures.  Of course, those with armrests must be unilateral.

The aluminum alloy herringbone ladder is the most bought, and then I will explain my experience.

It is best to buy a herringbone ladder with handrails, which can better maintain balance when climbing.  However, the double-sided ladder is obviously impossible to carry handrails, so we have to choose.  Some large lights require two people to install them together, using double-sided ladders.  Of course, there is generally no need for a double-sided ladder. A double-sided ladder has an extra ladder, which will be much heavier.

It is better to have a toolbox. It is very convenient to have a toolbox. Otherwise, you have to run up and down every time. Many novices often choose not to buy a style with a toolbox for beauty.  The toolbox also has perfect functions and simple functions, which is almost enough.  

Many people like the generous pedals, but they are not necessary.  

Of course, it cannot be used if it is too narrow, and it will be very uncomfortable to use it for a long time.  But it's about the same width and it's not a stool.  Actual use can be moderate.  The tread width of mainstream brand household ladders is basically acceptable.

Let's talk about the materials.  The first choice must be aluminum alloy.  It's strong and light, don't use iron, the ultra-low-end ladder is iron (steel), because iron is heavy and easy to rust, not suitable for household use.

Even if it is made of aluminum, some companies cut corners. For example, the pedal on the top layer is made of iron...

However, the connecting rod and some screws in the middle of the ladder are inevitably made of iron.  Therefore, it is difficult to be perfect without rust.

Also, although aluminum alloy is light, the ladder must have weight for safety. Some people want to buy a particularly light ladder, so I advise you not to choose.

Well, the choice of household aluminum alloy ladders is written here. Welcome everyone to buy from Baigang Aluminum. Contact information is the same as WeChat