What problems should be paid attention to in the use of aluminum alloy ladders?

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What should be done before using the ladder

1. Ensure that all rivets, bolts, nuts and movable parts are firmly connected, the ladder column and the ladder step  It is firm and reliable, and the hinges of the telescopic circlip are in good working condition;

2. The ladder should be kept clean and free of grease, grease, wet paint, mud,  Snow and other smooth substances.

3. The shoes of the operator should be kept clean and no leather shoes should be worn.

What problems should be paid attention to when using the ladder.

1. If you are tired, take medicine, drink alcohol or have a physical disability, you are prohibited from using a ladder.

2. Ladder should be placed on a firm and stable ground, not on ice, snow or smooth ground, without anti-skid and fixed equipment.

3. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the marked maximum carrying quality during operation;

4.  Ladder is prohibited in strong wind.

5. The iron ladder is conductive and avoid close to living places;

6.  When climbing, face the ladder, hold your hands firmly, and keep the center of gravity at the center of the two ladder columns;

7. Do not stand at the top of the ladder during operation  On a ladder within 1 meter, always maintain a safety height of 1 meter, and do not climb over the highest support point on the top of the ladder.

8. Do not put your hands on your head during work, so as not to lose your balance and cause danger.

9. It is forbidden to go directly from one side of the ladder to the other.

3. How to operate folding ladders (two folding ladders and four analysis ladders)

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1. Lock the ladder column outwards. When the lock block enters this position, a "click" sound is heard, indicating that the hinge has locked the position.

2. Unlock and pull the handle to open the lock.  At the same time, the lock block retracts to this position, indicatingThe hinge is unlocked.  At this time, the angle of the ladder column can be changed or the ladder can be folded.  If the handle cannot be pulled, the lock cannot be unlocked.  This is because the hinge is forced to hold the locking block.  At this time, you can pull the ladder column to release the external force for shaking.

3. After checking whether the ladder is in use, please carefully confirm that all hinges are in the locked position before use.  If there are hinges with locking blocks, open their symmetrical hinges, fold the ladder column inward about 40 degrees, and then expand outward to lock the pair of hinges.

4. Attention

Ladders with a total length less than or equal to 4 meters can be  Expand into a straight ladder.  At this time, the angle between the ladder and the ground should be greater than 75 degrees, and the hinge in the middle of the ladder should face the wall;

When using a four-fold ladder as a platform, you must  Use a flat plate with a thickness of at least 1 cm;

When someone is working on the ladder, do not allow others to pull the handle to change the hinge lock state.

4. How to operate a stretch ladder

1. Single ladder or extension  The angle between the ladder and the ground is about 75 degrees, and the length from the bottom of the ladder to the vertical support point is about one-fourth of the working length; 2. After extending the ladder, keep the minimum overlap distance of the overlapping part in accordance with the following standards.  See the drawing on the extension ladder inspection label.

, the maintenance and repair of the ladder

1. Clean the ladder regularly to prevent some  Chemicals corrode the surface of the ladder.  Regularly check the connecting parts and add lubricating oil if necessary;

2. If the ladder material is bent, broken or the connector does not work normally, please contact the manufacturer for professionalism  maintain.

3. Harsh  environmental conditions will reduce the service life of the ladder.  Generally speaking, the service life of a ladder is 2 years indoors and 1 year outdoors.