What are the material types and uses of the ladder?

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Ladder appeared in ancient times as a tool.  The word "ladder" is composed of (wood, brother, and), and the original meaning of the word construction: a strip-shaped multi-layer wooden tool that is easy to climb.  It is not difficult to see from the writing and interpretation of ancient Chinese characters that this is a tool for human climbing.  In modern times, many different forms and uses have gradually evolved.  There are outdoor, indoor, fixed, mobile, civil engineering, engineering, military, commercial, etc. With the development of human civilization and material prosperity, ladders have entered thousands of homes.

There are many types of ladders. At present, the commonly used ladders are aluminum alloy ladders, iron ladders, glass fiber reinforced plastic insulated ladders, 304/316 stainless steel ladders and other materials.  Among them, iron ladders have been basically eliminated because of their heavy weight and easy oxidation and rust.  But because of its low cost, it still exists in some industries.  Now I will mainly write about the types and uses of ladders that are commonly used today.

Aluminum alloy ladder

Aluminum alloy ladders include aluminum alloy straight ladders, aluminum alloy folding ladders, aluminum telescopic ladders, and aluminum alloy mobile platforms  Ladder and other types, aluminum alloy ladders are lightweight, anti-oxidation, strong and durable, and are the preferred ladder materials for homes, businesses, construction sites and other environments.

2. FRP insulated ladders

FRP ladders have an insulating effect and are special ladders for special industries. They are mainly used in live working environments such as subway repairs and power engineering equipment maintenance.  The glass fiber reinforced plastic ladder is a necessary and reliable work ladder for electric power workers, which greatly guarantees the conductive safety during the live construction process.

3. Stainless steel ladder 304/316

Stainless steel ladders have a wide range of uses, but except for the food industry stainless steel ladders, most of them have been replaced by lightweight aluminum alloy ladders  .  At present, most stainless steel ladders mainly use 304/316 food gradeStainless steel is mainly used in the food processing industry. 304/316 stainless steel has non-toxic characteristics. Ladder made of 304/316 stainless steel can be safely used in the food processing industry.

The above are most of the types of ladders today. Of course, there are many types of ladders, and the space is limited and cannot be described one by one.

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