How to choose folding ladder and telescopic ladder?

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:17

When we are ready to buy a ladder, should we choose a folding ladder or a telescopic ladder?  In fact, both ladders have their own advantages, and different choices can be made according to the use and environment.

Ordinary telescopic ladders are more suitable for light home use, while folding ladders are more versatile, suitable for advertising installation, house decoration, outdoor projects, and so on.  Of course, telescopic ladders are also used for industrial purposes, but the industrial use intensity is relatively high.  Therefore, the safety is definitely better than the folding ladder.  If it is used for engineering construction, it is recommended to choose a folding ladder.  Regardless of the service life and sturdiness, folding ladders are undoubtedly better than telescopic ladders, and basically they can last 2-5 years longer than telescopic ladders.  The telescopic ladder is more convenient to carry and store.  The best choice depends on your actual needs.  

If you use it often and need a heavy load and good stability, then buy a folding ladder.  If you use it occasionally for storage, please choose a telescopic ladder.  Currently, fishing rod type telescopic ladders are very popular in the market.  Like bamboo joints, they also have certain limitations in strength.  If a single part is damaged, the entire ladder is useless.  On the contrary, the slight partial damage of the folding ladder can be easily repaired and will not affect the use of the  ladder.  

The above is the selection method of folding ladders and telescopic ladders based on years of experience in ladder production and sales. Have you learned?