aluminum alloy herringbone ladders and aluminum alloy lifting Ladder manufacturer. The following is a brief description of the related knowledge of aluminum alloy ladders.:1.Single ladd">

A brief description of the use of aluminum alloy ladders

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Ladders Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy ladders, aluminum alloy herringbone ladders">aluminum alloy herringbone ladders and aluminum alloy lifting  Ladder manufacturer. The following is a brief description of the related knowledge of aluminum alloy ladders.:

1.Single ladder or herringbone ladder  The angle between the ground is about 75degrees

2.  After unfolding the ladders, keep a certain overlap distance between the overlapping parts.8mThe following ladders should overlap more than 75cm,8mThe overlapping distance of the above ladders should be greater than 110cm.  span>

3.When lifting a ladder, you should hold the handle with one hand and the rope with the other to lift it. The palm of your hand  Do not put it on the steps of the ladder, otherwise your fingers may be injured when you lift the ladder.

4.lift to the proper  Height. After making sure that the lifting clip is stuck on the step, disconnect the fixed block at the bottom of the upper ladder and fix it. Then tie the rope. Open the ladder to a suitable width and use it. When lifting, please lift gently.  

5.To lower the ladder, pull the two ends of the ladder closer, then untie the fixing rope and raise the ladder slightly,  Separate the fixing clip from the pedalLeave, and then slowly lower the ladder.   If the descent is not stable, hold the rope with one hand and gently rock the ladder back and forth with one hand until the ladder descends steadily.  

6.Herringbone ladders and elevators should be at least 2Human operation.  During the lifting process, two people should pull the rope together and lift it gently together.  For 6 ladders over meters, at least 2 people should perform auxiliary operations to prevent  The risk that the ladder deviates from the center of gravity due to uneven force at both ends and falls to one side.  

7.When lifting or moving, no one shall stand on the lifting channel

8  . There are two movable lifting fixtures on both sides of the elevator, which can be folded when moving.  When lifting and working, please open it to an appropriate width to ensure the fixing effect.  

9.The bottom of the elevator is equipped with determinable universal foot wheels.  Please confirm the casters when working.  When moving, you can move freely.