What is the effect of an insulating ladder

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:23

Insulation ladder is the most common ladder in power engineering, it guarantees the life safety of workers to the greatest extent.

The insulated herringbone ladder is suitable for power plants, power distribution rooms, units, etc.  If you use it often and need heavy load and good stability, then choose FRP telescopic ladder.  Convenient to store, insulated retractable herringbone ladders are now very popular in the market.  Is the insulation effect of the insulated telescopic ladder good?  
Insulation herringbone ladder adopts unsaturated resin and glass fiber polymerization pultrusion process.  The material is epoxy resin combined with pin technology.  The surface of the bearing steel parts has a protective coating.  Insulating varnish is used to treat the surface of insulating laminates.  The non-slip design of the ladder bracket and the ladder foot is not easy to fatigue, the appearance of the ladder parts has no edges and corners, the safety is high, the insulation performance is strong; low water absorption and corrosion resistance.  
Electrical insulation herringbone ladder is a ladder made of pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles with glass fiber and epoxy resin as the main material. It has the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and good electrical insulation performance.  

Generally, it can withstand the power frequency test voltage of "220 kV/m". Therefore, FRP ladders can be used as safe climbing tools for power systems.  It is used to replace metal herringbone ladders and bamboo-wood ladders to prevent electric shock accidents caused by induction and misoperation. The rigorously tested FRP insulated herringbone ladders can also be used as ladders for high-voltage live work.