Basic safety rules and knowledge for the use of ladders

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   What should you do when using a ladder?  

Check the ladder rated load.  The load mark should include the weight of the person and the weight of the tool.  

Do not use ladders with poor maintenance quality, such as steps with corroded or missing rivets, or defective and damaged steps, or trapezoids with partially damaged non-slip feet.  

Check whether the stable locking mechanism of the ladder is normal.  

Check stability.  Ensure that the foot of the ladder is stable and does not shake.  

Avoid pushing or pulling the ladder from the side.   Repeated lateral movement can make the ladder wobbly, which is dangerous.  

When going down a ladder.  Keep your body stable. Your body should be in the center of the ladder track and not deviate.  If you have climbed to the top of the ladder, be sure to grab a handle or handrail on the ladder.  

Keep the ladder stable and make sure there is a certain grasp  Earth power.  Use both hands when using a ladder to climb high.  

What is a ladderRating and have a maximum length of a ladder?  

Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard Z11-12 recommended ladder  Different lengths for different grades (or grades).  

Gradelevel descriptionMaximum length1AA  architectural and industrial use; Special work with a rated load of 170kg (375 pounds)3.6 meters (12 feet)1A  architectural and industrial uses; super heavy  With a rated load of 136 kg (300 lbs)6 meters (20 feet)<  /span>1architectural and industrial use; with a rated load of 113 kg heavy-duty (250 lb  )6 meters (20 feet)<  span style="vertical-align: inherit;">2merchants and farms; 102 kg medium (225 lb) with rated load3.6 meters (12 feet)3  Family; 91 kg light (200 lbs) with rated load2 meters  (6.5 feet)
When using a ladder,  How should you avoid danger?

Don’t extend the ladder too long when you don’t need it<  /span>.  

Do not "push and pull" when the ladder is stretched and standing  "Or "pull" the ladder.  

Try not to stand or sit unless necessary  At the top of the ladder, this behavior is extremely dangerous.  

Don’t overload.  Almost all ladders are for single use.  

Do not use ladders on slippery ground  .  

Do not use softerUse ladders on swamps and wetlands.  

Do not put the ladder in the box, the barrel  Lifting height on unstable objects.  

not in the passage, doorway, driveway or other  PlaceUse ladders to avoid accidents.