What is Ladder Safety Month? Have you heard of the American Ladder Association?

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U.S. Ladder Safety Month| March 2020Safety tips for using ladders: From folding ladders to telescopic ladders, make sure to put your right foot forward.  

In the United States, more than 100 people die each year  There are no specific statistics on ladder-related accidents in other countries, but this number is not a minority.  In addition to death, thousands of ladder users suffered crippling injuries.  American Ladder Association's 4th Annual National Ladder Safety Month February 23-March 31 This important month is designated as the ladder safety awareness improvement  Safety month to reduce the number of injuries and deaths due to the use of ladders.  

What is American Ladder Safety Month?  

U.S. Ladder Safety Month is dedicated to promoting the safety of using ladders.Help us train and promote the importance of safe use of ladders. <  br/>

March 2020 promotion  Plan:

February 23  Until February 29: What is ladder safety?

March 1-7: Ladder safety training

March 8-14: Ladder safety at work

March 15-21: Ladder safety at home  strong>

March 22-28: Ladder inspection and disposal

<  p>The association believes that all ladder accidents  can be prevented, but there is no better safety planning and training  , We will continue to see too much misfortune.every  A life is precious

The goal of National Ladder Safety Month is  :

reduce ladder-related injuries and deaths

Increase the number of people training on the safe use of ladders

Increase safety awareness, check and properly dispose of old, damaged, or outdated ladders
<  /p>