Where to check before using aluminum ladder

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Aluminum alloy ladder, before using the aluminum alloy ladder, you need to carefully check the aluminum alloy ladder and whether the pedals are deformed or damaged. The bolts and nails  Whether there is any looseness, in addition, check whether the fixed rod of the aluminum alloy ladder is effectively fixed, and whether the bottom of the aluminum alloy ladder is installed with a non-slip sleeve; if the aluminum alloy ladder is damaged, it needs to be repaired immediately or  Update.  In addition, it is strictly forbidden to paint wood and aluminum alloy ladders, because the paint will cover up the problems of aluminum alloy ladders.

When we are working on the ladder, if we need to transport heavy objects high in the sky, some construction  The person will directly stay on his body and climb onto the ladder to perform operations. In fact, there is a relatively large safety hazard. The safety hazard that may occur is the danger that occurs after the ladder is unbalanced.  Lift to a suitable height. After making sure that the lifting clip is stuck to the step, remove the fixed block at the bottom of the upper ladder and fasten the lifting rope. Open the ladder to a suitable width before use. Please lift gently when lifting  Light down.

To lower the ladder, gather the two sides of the ladder closer, then untie the fixed ropes and raise the ladder a bit  , Make the fixed clip leave the step surface, and then slowly descend.  If the descent is not smooth, you can hold the rope in one hand and gently shake the ladder back and forth with the other until the ladder descends smoothly.  Above absolute zero, the valence band electrons are partially excited and transition to the conduction band, becoming conduction band electrons and leaving holes in the valence band.  According to the energy band theory, an energy band filled with electrons or an empty energy band does not contribute to conductance, and conductance only comes from a half-full energy band. Conduction band electrons and valence band holes are collectively called carriers.

The conduction band of the metal is partially filled, so it has good conductivity.  For semiconductors and insulation ladders, the insulation ladder is filled in the valence band at absolute zero, while the conduction band has no electrons.  At room temperature, semiconductors can form electron-hole pairs through thermal excitation due to their small energy gap.  Such devices should include (but are not limited to) Safety feet, non-slip blocks, spikes, flat or round feet, etc.  The herringbone ladder should have a support rod (or locking device) integrated with the ladder to keep the two sections of the ladder in the open position.  The height of the struts from the bottom supporting surface is not more than 2 meters.  When two sets of struts are used, the height restriction only applies to the lower set.

16 The extension ladder should be equipped with mandatory stoppers to meet the overlapping requirements of the ladder section, and should not rely solely on  Pulley positioning or use ropes to limit the amount of overlap.  In order to increase the stability, it is also equipped with auxiliary stabilizing brackets. The ladder is used in an environment without relying on objects. The non-slip ladder feet make the operation more stable and safe.  The height between 4-12 meters is free to choose, and it takes up a small space. You can choose different heights to work according to your needs. The operation is simple and easy to understand, economical and practical, and convenient to move.