How to use aluminum alloy ladders safely

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:14

In order to ensure the safety of employees' own construction and maintenance, when using a herringbone ladder to climb a ladder, our staff must face the ladder.  Use the three-point contact climbing method (ie hands and one foot or one hand and two feet).  Only one employee can stand on a ladder with only one span at a time.  More importantly, it does not allow work on the two highest steps of the ladder.  When climbing stairs, do not carry large or dangerous objects at the same time.  The details are as follows:

First of all, before using a herringbone ladder, you should do:

1. The personnel who use a herringbone ladder must go through the climbing operation safety training of the department;

2. Make a safety report to the employees before the operation;

3. The tools used on the herringbone ladder are checked and labeled.  

4. Check and maintain the herringbone ladder at ordinary times;

5. The position of the herringbone ladder should be stable and firm;

&nb[  0]sp;6. Does the material of the herringbone ladder meet the special requirements of the workplace (for example, metal herringbone ladders are not allowed in the live area, and the acid-base corrosion area is not allowed to use acid-base corrosion materials made of aluminum  Alloy herringbone ladder etc.).  );

7. Herringbone ladders shall not be placed at the corners of doors, entrances and passages.  If it must be placed in the above position, the door must be locked to ensure that no one will break into the passage (so as not to knock down the herringbone ladder);

8. The pull rod in the middle of the herringbone ladder must be fixed and reliable.  

2. Go up and down and before using the herringbone ladder:

1. The up and down herringbone ladder should face the herringbone ladder;

2  、When going up and down the herringbone ladder, make three contacts;

3. When going up and down the herringbone ladder, only pass through one gear at a time;

4. Don’t take any otherOther things (including tools, materials, etc.).  ) Is in your hand when you go up and down the herringbone ladder;

5. When going up and down the herringbone ladder, the center of your body remains in the middle of the herringbone ladder.  

6. The use of a herringbone ladder must not exceed the third position above the bottom of the ladder;

7. When using a herringbone ladder, ensure that someone is always supporting the herringbone ladder;  

8. Personnel must wear seat belts reliably when the height is two meters;

9. All tools and materials needed to work on the herringbone ladder should be made of herringbone  Delivery by a third party other than the ladder support personnel (or up and down with ropes).  Throwing, throwing or throwing tools and materials up and down is strictly prohibited.  

10. It is forbidden for two people to use the same herringbone ladder at the same time;

11. If you need to replace the herringbone ladder, you must get down from the herringbone ladder;