It is recommended that you use different ladders in different situations

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Aluminum alloy ladder, people still need to directly hold the ladder with their hands to remind protection (while preventing the ladder from tilting), and step on the ladder with their feet  Bottom to prevent the bottom foot from moving.  When climbing a ladder or working, you must place your body in the middle of the ladder's cross braces, keep your body upright, and not stretch it out, otherwise you may lose your balance and cause an accident.  The quality of its products is directly related to the quality of doors, windows and curtain walls, as well as the interests and lives of thousands of households.  It is often a tool we must use.

Different ladders should be used in different situations. You cannot choose household ladders at will. You must choose suitable materials or  Types of.  Special attention should also be paid to the correct use of ladders.  The scaffolding load shall not exceed 270kg/m2. It can be used only after it has been accepted and listed. It should be checked and maintained frequently during use.  The negative  load exceeds 270kg/m2, or special scaffolding should be designed.

The ends of the scaffolding, corners and every 6-7 uprights should be provided with sharp knives and poles,  When the height is more than 7 meters, the poles must be firmly connected to the building every 4 meters in the vertical direction and 7 meters in the horizontal direction.  The strength of stainless steel is high, and the strength of aluminum alloy is generally low. Domestic high-strength aluminum alloy ladders are more expensive.  Aluminum alloy will not rust, aluminum alloy ladders are light in weight, and stainless steel will rust in harsh environments.  The insulation ladder is made of unsaturated resin and glass fiber polymer pultrusion process. The material is epoxy resin combined with pin technology. The aluminum alloy ladder shaft steel parts have a protective layer on the surface.

Insulating paint is used to treat the machined surface of insulating laminate parts.  From the appearance, the insulating ladder generally has a yellow coating on the surface, aluminum alloy, stainless steel pan-metallic luster.  In addition, it is strictly forbidden to paint wood and aluminum alloy ladders, because the paint will cover up the problems of aluminum alloy ladders.  After the aluminum alloy ladder, it must be cleaned to a certain extent. The purpose of cleaning the aluminum alloy ladder is to prevent the aluminum alloy ladder from being stained with some chemicals during use.The corrosion of aluminum alloy ladder, and cleaning the aluminum alloy ladder can also make the aluminum alloy ladder look very shiny.

Aluminum alloy ladders are divided into two categories: cast aluminum alloy, used in the as-cast state; deformed aluminum alloy,  It can withstand pressure processing, and its mechanical properties are higher than as-cast.  It can be processed into various shapes and specifications of aluminum alloy.  In addition, it is strictly forbidden to paint the wooden ladder, because the paint will cover up the problem of the ladder.  When we maintain the product, we must pay attention to storing it in a relatively dry environment, so that it can extend its service life and save us resources.