What kind of platform steel grating is used for the ladder platform

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Aluminum alloy ladder, the single ladder or herringbone ladder forms an angle of about 75 degrees with the ground.  After extending the ladder, keep the overlapped part overlapped.  The overlap distance of ladders under 8 meters should be more than 75 cm, and the overlap distance of ladders over 8 meters should be more than 110 cm.  When lifting a ladder, you should hold the handle with one hand and the rope while lifting it. Do not place your palm on the ladder step, otherwise you may get your fingers stuck when you lift the ladder.  Lift to a suitable height. After making sure that the lifting clip is stuck to the step, remove the fixed block at the bottom of the upper ladder and fasten the lifting rope. Open the ladder to a suitable width before use. Please lift gently when lifting  Light down.

What specifications are used for the ladder platform? Platform steel grating? Ladder platform steel grating is a kind of widely used in recent years  This kind of steel grating is widely used in various fields of industry and has strong resistance to surface impact. In particular, the steel grating with a crossbar spacing of 50mm has a strong ability to resist lateral impact.  Ladder platform steel grating features. The ladder platform steel grating can be welded around with kick plates (side retaining plates), checkered plate guards, and attachments and other accessories.  The steel grating of the ladder platform is covered with flat steel of different specifications from the carrying flat steel, or with angle steel, channel steel, square pipe, etc.  Choose suitable ladders. Domestic ladders may not be strong enough for commercial or industrial use.

When using a stepladder, it should be fully opened or locked and placed on a stable surface.  When opening or closing the ladder, keep your hands away from the ladder hinge and the ladder lock clamp.  Do not extend the body excessively, and place the stepladder directly in front of the work.  Working sideways is the main cause of accidents, which can cause the body to overextend and cause the body to lose weight and fall.  Although this is not absolute, you get what you pay for.  In recent years, with the level of industry, the aluminum industry is becoming more and more popular, and sales are also diversified.  Unknown customers will only choose industrial aluminum sales companies from low prices. This forces some companies that insist on quality first to ensure sales from lower raw materials and processing costs. The market chaos is becoming increasingly obvious.

So it is more appropriate to distinguish according to the manufacturer.  It is strictly forbidden to use wooden barrels, wooden boxes, bricks and other building materials to build temporary planks instead of regular scaffolding.  Pulling wires on the scaffolding is prohibited.  When it is necessary to install the temporary lighting circuit, the wooden and bamboo scaffold should be equipped with insulators, and the metal pipe scaffold should be equipped with a wooden cross arm.  Install metal pipe scaffolding. It is forbidden to use bent, flattened or cracked pipes. The connecting parts of each pipe must be intact to prevent tipping or moving.

Therefore, aluminum alloy ladder enterprises can only accelerate their transformation and reform and strengthen their own corporate market competitiveness.  The key is to establish a well-known and reputation brand so that companies can rely on brands and channels to survive the "severe winter" of development!  In the era of economic globalization, aluminum alloy ladder companies must establish a global strategic thinking, strengthen the need to strengthen, the innovation of technological innovation, absorb operating funds, improve themselves in an all-round way, and understand the three-character tactics of "fast, accurate and ruthless".  Get better development in the current era of survival of the fittest.  Thanks for reading and I wish you a happy life.  step up!