What is the difference between stainless steel ladder and aluminum alloy ladder

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At present, the international mainstream ladder products are made of aluminum alloy, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and iron.  The general working environment is composed of aluminum alloy and iron.  What is the difference between the stainless steel and aluminum alloy of the ladder?  Which material is good?  

What is the difference between a stainless steel ladder and an aluminum ladder, which one is better?  

What is the difference between stainless steel and aluminum alloy?  The strength of stainless steel is high, the strength of aluminum alloy is generally lower, and the high-strength aluminum household ladder is more expensive.  Aluminum alloy will not rust, aluminum alloy ladders are very light, and stainless steel will rust in harsh environments.  The insulation ladder adopts unsaturated resin and glass fiber polymer pultrusion process.  The material is epoxy resin combined with pin technology.  The surface of aluminum alloy trapezoidal shaft steel parts has a protective layer.  Processing paint.  From the outside, the surface of the insulating ladder has a yellow coating, aluminum alloy and stainless steel pan-metallic luster.  
In the past few months, our pace of life has accelerated, and so has time.  It is summer.  At this time, the engineering masters are still holding aluminum folding ladders to protect against sunlight outdoors.  Now, I should stay in an air-conditioned room, use the air-conditioner, drink tea, and watch Hollywood movies.  As we all know, without people working outdoors, our society would not have become so beautiful and pay tribute to the masters of engineering.  
The ladder is very easy to use and safe, but when using a ladder, everyone should pay attention to it, especially those who work outdoors, they will develop a habit.  The ladder has been exposed to the sun for a long time and I like to spray water on the ladder.  On the other hand, aluminum alloy ladders are worried that the ladder will break.  However, when you use this joint to fold the aluminum ladder, you will not be able to perform this operation.  First of all, it is an aluminum alloy and will not be exposed to sunlight.  In addition, if you often use water on the ladder, especially on the ladder joints, if too much water is spilled, the aluminum alloy ladder is easy to rust.  The joint is the core part of this ladder, so everyone must pay attention to maintenance when using it.