What are the advantages of using aluminum alloy material for single ladder or herringbone ladder

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Aluminum alloy ladder, fasteners are used to connect between parallel or oblique rods. Scissors diagonal rods should be fixed with fasteners  On the extended ends of the intersecting horizontal horizontal rods or vertical rods, the distance from the center line of the fastener to the main node should not be greater than 150mm. Both ends of the in-line and open-type double-row scaffolding must be provided with horizontal diagonal bracing, and the middle should be set at intervals.  Set one in 6 spans. The longitudinal overlap length is not less than 1 meter, and 3 fasteners are installed at equal intervals. The distance from the edge of the end fastener cover plate to the end of the overlap longitudinal horizontal rod is not less than 100mm.  The single ladder or herringbone ladder forms an angle of about 75 degrees with the ground.  After extending the ladder, keep the overlapped part overlapped.

The overlap distance of ladders under 8 meters should be at least 75 cm, and the overlap distance of ladders over 8 meters should be at  More than 110 cm.  When lifting a ladder, you should hold the handle with one hand and the rope while lifting it. Do not place your palm on the ladder step, otherwise you may get your fingers stuck when you lift the ladder.  Lift to a suitable height. After making sure that the lifting clip is stuck to the step, remove the fixed block at the bottom of the upper ladder and fasten the lifting rope. Open the ladder to a suitable width before use. Please lift gently when lifting  Light down.

Before using the ladder every time, you must carefully check the ladder surface, parts, rope, etc. for cracks and serious  When using a ladder, you should choose a hard, level ground to prevent the risk of side tilt; if the ladder is used at a height of more than 5 meters, please be sure to set up a F8 or higher cable in the upper part of the ladder; check whether all the ladder feet are  Make good contact with the ground to prevent slipping; without the permission of the manufacturer, the ladder will never be attached to other structures, and the damaged ladder will never be used or repaired; when the ladder is raised and lowered, it is strictly forbidden to hold the cross brace to prevent cuts  finger.

With the continuous development of the construction industry, the application rate of aluminum alloy profile series is increasing year by year.  They are a class of non-ferrous metal structural materials that are widely used in industry. They are used in aviation, aerospace, automotive,It has been widely used in machinery manufacturing and other industries.  Due to the particularity of the applied industry, they all have relatively high requirements for this type of material.  So how to judge the quality of aluminum alloy profile series?  It is strictly forbidden to use wooden barrels, wooden boxes, bricks and other building materials to build temporary planks instead of regular scaffolding.  Pulling wires on the scaffolding is prohibited.  When it is necessary to install temporary lighting lines, the wooden and bamboo scaffolding should be free of  margins, and the metal pipe scaffolding should be provided with a wooden cross arm.  Install metal pipe scaffolding. It is forbidden to use bent, flattened or cracked pipes. The connecting parts of each pipe must be intact to prevent tipping or moving.


The lock will spread out the ladder column, and when you hear a "click" sound, the lock block will enter the position, which means  The hinge has locked this position.  Unlock Turn the handle to open the lock, and at the same time the lock block retracts to the position, indicating that the hinge has been unlocked. At this time, you can change the angle of the ladder column or fold the ladder. If the handle cannot be moved, the lock cannot be unlocked. This is due to the hinge  When the lock block is held under force, the ladder column can be pulled and shaken to release the external force.  After checking the expanded state of the ladder, please carefully confirm that all hinges are in the locked position before using it. If there is a hinge with the lock block in position, open its symmetrical hinge, and then fold the ladder column inward about 40 degrees.  Expand outward to lock the pair of hinges.