Is the surface of the mobile platform ladder strong against corrosion?

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Mobile platform ladder At room temperature, semiconductors can form electron-hole pairs through thermal excitation due to their small energy gap.  According to different places of use and requirements, the climbing ladder will have different designs and sizes. A variety of styles can be manufactured according to the idea to meet the specific requirements of the specific field. The size of the climbing ladder is determined according to the passage and safety factors. It is moved by casters.  The stability and safety of the foot brake ensure the flexibility and safety of the climber.  Aluminum alloy stairs occupies a large share in today's market, especially the lightweight texture of aluminum alloy is favored in home decoration, and many companies also choose aluminum alloy stairs for decoration.

As aluminum alloy stairs have many advantages over traditional wooden stairs, they will be favored by the market.  The quality of aluminum alloy stairs is reflected in whether it is non-slip, whether the pedal design is very safe and comfortable, whether the feet of the stairs are very strong, and whether the ground is very stable, this is an important aspect. In order to ensure the safety of users, the quality must be guaranteed  .  According to the carrying capacity, the rated load of the ladder can be divided into four levels.  We should be able to buy according to our own strength and different environments.

The surface is treated with anodic oxidation, which has strong corrosion resistance and is completed by means of lifting buckle and pulley combination and draw rope  It can be raised and lowered freely, and different specifications can be customized according to customer needs, suitable for units, projects, outdoor and many places.  Aluminum alloy building profiles are widely used in construction and are indispensable materials for buildings, apartments, and high-rise buildings.  Aluminum alloy building profiles are commonly used as raw materials for doors, windows, curtain walls and seals.

This kind of elevator movable stop device is placed at the designated position under the car and under the counterweight.  And mechanically stop the car to ensure the safe space of the elevator top and bottom pit, simple structure, convenient installation and disassembly, and the elevator can be installed in different positions during normal operation and maintenance operation.  Install 4 wheels (or 2 fixed supports and 2 wheels) on the lower part of the working platform, and place them on the working ladder (The jack screw is welded on the frame, the jack screw is raised when moving, and the jack screw is dropped when fixed.  The disadvantage of this structure is that when the work ladder is fixed, the wheels of the work ladder rotate and the jack screw supports the ground not firmly, so the person on the work ladder shakes severely and is unstable when working.

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