Is household aluminum alloy ladder better or stainless steel? What problems should be paid attention to in the use of aluminum alloy ladders?

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The ladder used at home has different material choices and size specifications.  Ordinary ladders can be elegant wooden ladders, or they can be moisture-proof, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy ladders, which are sturdy and durable.  What everyone recommends today is the evaluation of domestic aluminum alloy ladders, including the comparison of domestic aluminum alloy ladders and stainless steel domestic aluminum alloy ladders, as well as the common sense of buying aluminum alloy ladders and the problems that should be paid attention to during use.  From this, we can know that although aluminum alloy ladders are relatively low-strength and expensive, they can also be used for key purposes if they are properly designed.  In addition, there are many details to pay attention to during the purchase process, such as whether the edges are worn and whether the sound is crisp.  The details can be understood and considered by referring to the actual situation below.

Is the household aluminum alloy ladder a stainless steel ladder or better?

According to your usage, it is generally recommended that you use stainless steel, because stainless steel has high strength and low safety risks.  Aluminum is not recommended.  After all, aluminum has low strength, and high-strength aluminum alloys are more expensive.  For ordinary household use, stainless steel is good.  This price is recommended to the steel market in this city.  Generally speaking, there are aluminum alloy products and stainless steel products in the large steel market, which can be compared on the spot.

Two, aluminum alloy ladder purchase common sense

1. When purchasing, check  Whether the four legs of the ladder are level, whether the riveting or welding is loose.

2. Select the joint ladder.  Check if the connector is stuck and the sound is crisp.

3. Buy a telescopic ladder and check whether the rope can be pulled freely and whether the hook is worn.

4. If you choose an insulated ladder, you should also check the bottom surface for blisters and scratches.

What should you pay attention to when using aluminum alloy ladders

1. If you are tired,  Taking medicine, drinking alcohol or having a physical disability are prohibited from using ladders.

2. Ladder should be placed on a firm and stable ground, not on ice, snow or smooth ground, without anti-skid and fixed equipment.

3. During operation, it is prohibited to exceed the marked maximum load.

4. Ladder is prohibited in strong wind.

5. The metal ladder is conductive to avoid close to living places.

6. When climbing the mountain, people face the ladder, grasp the ladder firmly with both hands, and keep the center of gravity at the center of the two ladder columns.

7. Do not stand on a ladder within 1 meter from the top of the ladder when working.  Always maintain a safety height of 1 meter, and do not climb over the highest support point on the top.

8. Don't put your hands on your head during work to avoid loss of balance and danger.

9. It is forbidden to go directly from one side of the ladder to the other.  What is recommended to everyone today is an ordinary ladder suitable for family use, namely aluminum alloy ladder.  Compared with the stainless steel ladder, which product is better, where should we start to understand the corresponding advantages and what should be paid attention to in the selection process?  Today, we recommend these two aspects of information.  From this we can know that although the aluminum alloy ladders used in our house are not as strong and reliable as stainless steel products, and the price is relatively high, on the other hand, we can find that suitable and reasonable aluminum alloy ladders often look simpler and more elegant  , And designed to be folded, so they do not take up too much space, can improve the efficiency of space utilization.  On the other hand, there are many things that need to be paid attention to in the process of buying and using household aluminum alloy ladders.  Only by integrating details can the actual service life of the product be extended.