Is the fishing rod type telescopic ladder made of aluminum alloy?

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Mobile platform ladder, portable ladder safety requires that the exposed metal surface of the ladder should avoid sharp edges, burrs and other structural defects.  The center spacing of adjacent pedals or running sticks (steps) should be equidistant, with a limit deviation of ±2mm, and the center spacing should not be greater than 350mm.  The surface of the steps or running sticks (steps) of the ladder should be processed into a non-slip surface or coated with non-slip materials.  The lower end of the ladder should be equipped with anti-skid feet or an equivalent anti-skid device.

The working principle of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lift freight elevator: when the hydraulic lift freight elevator rises, the electric control system controls the motor to rotate,  Drives the gear oil pump to rotate. Under the action of the oil pump, the hydraulic oil enters the oil cylinder through the oil filter, the one-way stop valve, and the electromagnetic reversing valve, and drives the piston rod of the oil cylinder to move upward.  If you use it frequently and require good load and stability, then buy a folding ladder.  If used occasionally.  For convenient storage, choose a telescopic ladder.

Nowadays, fishing rod type telescopic ladders are popular on the market, like bamboo joints, they have certain limitations in strength  Sex, if a single section is damaged, the entire ladder is useless.  On the contrary, slight damage to the folding ladder does not delay the use of the ladder.  The emergence of ladders plays a vital role in our lives. As early as a few years ago, the ladders that appeared in our lives were made of that kind of bamboo. The ladders made of this kind of bamboo cut down a lot of them every year.  Bamboo is a very unnecessary material for production, and the ladder made of bamboo is not so light and heavy in use .

Aluminum alloy ladders can be used in our ordinary lives.  For example, it is more convenient to change light bulbs in the family. It is more convenient to have this kind of ladder. In the construction of fruit picking in agriculture and re-decoration, it is even more inseparable from the use of aluminum alloy ladders.  But because this is a kind of climbing operation, if the method used is improper, it will stillThere are certain security risks.

Here, Qingdao aluminum alloy ladder manufacturer introduces the safe use of aluminum alloy ladder.  Use high-quality stainless steel (steel) as raw materials, corrosion-resistant, sturdy and durable, and reliable in quality; seamless welding technology is adopted, and the welding port is smoothly polished, beautiful and easy to clean; the base is equipped with a lockable universal guide wheel for easy movement; equipped with a pedal locking mechanism  , Step on the bottom pedal to automatically fix the ladder; Step on the unlocking lever under the bottom pedal to easily move the cargo elevator.  Detachable connection, convenient for transportation.  It is suitable for libraries, supermarkets, warehouses and other workplaces to be used in supermarkets, and warehouses are used for picking and placing items; it can be customized according to customer needs.