What safety measures are needed when using aluminum alloy ladders

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Aluminum alloy ladders. Insulating ladders cannot be used as skids, supports, workbenches, or other purposes. They can only be used for climbing.  Electric welding, metal ladders, such as aluminum ladders, must not be used when approaching any wires or electrical maintenance.  If the ladder must be placed behind the door or on the passage, the door or passage should be provided with a fence or guards.  When working on an aluminum ladder, face the ladder. If you face the ladder or in some cases, you should use a safety belt.  Power cords, welding wires, belts, etc. are strictly prohibited from crossing the ladder.

In order to avoid the illusion when going up and down the stairs, the first step and the next step of the stairs [0  ] The height should be consistent with other levels.  If you need to change it, it should be controlled within 4 cm, but it is better not to exceed 2 cm to 3 cm.  The height of the stairs from one step higher to the ceiling must have a headroom of more than two meters and no less than 1.8 meters.  Otherwise, it will produce a sense of oppression. The distance between the railings: The distance between the centers of the two railings should be 8 cm, not more than 12.5 cm, so as to prevent children from sticking their heads out of the gap.

We are now using aluminum alloy ladders which are made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials, so in  From the functional point of view, the weight is very simple and the strength is very high, so when it is used, the safety of the operation is greatly increased.  Make sure that the top of the ladder is clean before use, otherwise it will simply cause slippage.  If you see grease, oil stains or paint on the ladder, you must quickly clean it.  Now there is also a relevant rule for users that do not wear leather shoes to climb aluminum ladders, simply slip.

A suitable environment is the key factor for the maintenance and storage of a herringbone ladder. Different types of ladders are important for storage  The environment has different requirements. Generally speaking, ladders are suitable for storage in a dry, well-ventilated indoor environment. For example, some metal Chongqing herringbone ladders should pay attention to anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.  When working on an aluminum alloy ladder, if you need to transport relatively objects, you must not carry it with the operatorCarrying, because there is weightlessness when working on a ladder, safety accidents are more likely to occur.  If you are working in a higher environment, the operator must not step directly from one side of the ladder to the other side of the ladder for convenience, because this will easily make the ladder unbalanced and cause danger.

Because the industrial aluminum profile workbench has high connection strength, sturdiness and durability, uniform load-bearing, adjustable, disassembly and assembly  Convenience, anti-static, fire-resistant, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly and recyclable, etc., will gradually occupy the market space of workbenches made of steel, and are now widely used in manufacturing production lines, exhibitions, storage, display, anti-static workshops, hospitals  , Clean room, kitchen engineering supporting and other fields, the market share can be imagined.  With the implementation of environmental protection and energy saving policies, the application of industrial aluminum profile workbenches will be more far-reaching and the development prospects will be broader.