Brief introduction of safe use of aluminum alloy ladder

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Be especially careful when using ladders in a live environment.  If you cannot avoid working near a live environment, you should first turn off the power supply (if possible) and "discharge" or insulate the ladder before placing the ladder.  Ladder made of wood or reinforced fiber should be used.  If the ladder is to the terrace or channel, the top three should be higher than the surface level of the terrace/channel.

Inclined and erected ladders must meet the requirements of 4:1 safety viewpoint.  Many telescopic ladders have been provided with safety slope tips posted on the handrails.  Home Using aluminum alloy folding ladder, including the main ladder rod, the end of the main ladder rod is hinged by the main hinge key, the side of the main ladder rod can be hinged to make the main ladder rod close or open in a herringbone shape.  The folding hinge, the main ladder rod, the main splicing key and the foldable hinge form an "A"-shaped main ladder frame when opened, and the pedals are hinged between the corresponding main ladder rods on the two main ladder frames.

The herringbone lift and the lifting channel should be operated by at least 2 people. When lifting, 2 people pull the rope together,  Ascend and descend gently together. The ladder over 6 meters should be operated by at least 2 people to help prevent the risk of the ladder falling to one side due to the uneven force at the two ends of the ladder.  Aluminum alloy elevators are divided into single-pillar, double-living, three-pillar and four-pillar types according to the rising height. They have the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, stable lifting, and can be operated up and down.

Aluminum alloy ladder is widely used in hotels, station waiting rooms, airport waiting rooms  Machine buildings, theaters, exhibition halls, gymnasiums and other places are used for maintenance of machinery and tools, paint decoration, replacement of lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance. The use unit shall not give the elevator triangle key to unlicensed personnel for use.

Non-certified operators use the elevator triangle key to open the hall door at will without training.  It may cause people to step into the hoistway when the elevator car is not on this floor, causing a person falling incident.  Don't panic when you are trapped in the elevator, call for help immediately, wait patiently, and go out on level.  When passengers are trapped in the elevator car, they should go through the alarm device or call for help, and wait patiently in the car for the rescue by professionals. If they get out of the trap by rash, smashing, or kicking the door, it may happen.  Something.

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