Brief description of the characteristics of the mobile platform ladder

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Mobile platform ladder The safety rope is the tether on the safety belt to protect the human body from falling.  The safety helmet is a kind of hat used to protect the head of the staff from external impact.  Safety nets are nets used to prevent people and objects from falling, or to avoid or reduce injuries from falling and objects, including safety nets and safety nets.

The mobile platform ladder can be a movable stop device, installed on the pit plane of the elevator pit or the pit shaft  On the wall, the device includes a support frame assembly that can support the elevator car or the counterweight. The support frame assembly is composed of a support head column set on the upper part and a support main rod set on the lower part.  The main supporting rod is provided with a fixing assembly capable of fixing the supporting main rod on the pit plane or the wall of the hoistway, and the supporting main rod is fixedly connected with the fixing assembly.  This kind of elevator movable stopping device is respectively placed at the designated position under the car and under the counterweight. After checking the operation status of the ladder development.

Please carefully confirm that all hinges are in a certain position before use, if there is a hinge with a lock block in the position  , The symmetrical hinge can be opened, and the ladder column can be folded inward for about 40 degrees, and then opened outward to confirm the pair of hinges. Practical herringbone ladders have fixed and movable herringbone ladders.  The fixed herringbone ladder is a temporary tool for people to build; the movable herringbone ladder connects the tops of two ladders with a loose leaf and can be combined when moving. Because of its flexibility, it is widely used in electrician operations.

In the early stage, the herringbone ladder is generally made of wood. With the development of the metal industry, aluminum alloy is now used  Material. The insulated herringbone ladder is an ultra-high pressure resistant glass fiber insulated ladder, glass fiber stepping pole, and special craftsmanship.  Withstand voltage rating of the insulated herringbone ladder: live operation below 220kV.  The insulated ladder herringbone is especially suitable for parts such as power systems.

Open the lock and flip the handle to open the lock, and the lock block will return to the position, indicating that the hinge has been unlocked. At this moment  The angle of the ladder column can be changed or the ladder can be folded. If the handle cannot be moved and the lock cannot be unlocked, this is because the hinge is forced to squeeze the lock block. At this moment, the ladder column can be pulled to swing and the external force can be released. View Ladder  After the application status is developed, please carefully acknowledge that all hinges can be used only when they are in a certain orientation. If there is a hinge with a lock block in the orientation, the symmetrical hinge can be opened.