Maintenance methods and skills of aluminum alloy ladders

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For aluminum alloy ladders how to better maintain and maintain is very important. Although aluminum alloy ladders are not used much, they need  Everyone carries out certain maintenance. Only when the maintenance is in place, will it be more durable. Do you know how to maintain aluminum alloy ladders? Do many friends want to know?

Landing maintenance. Ladder must be maintained during the running period. When the machine is used during the regular running period, it must be used according to the corresponding regulations, and  Comprehensively check the lubrication and fastening conditions, observe the conditions of each part of the entire ladder, and deal with it in time if abnormalities are found. The focus of running-in maintenance is to replace each part of the lubricant, lubricate each part, and tighten each bolt. After the running-in period is completed, perform a secondary maintenance  .

We now use aluminum alloy ladders which are made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, so  In terms of function, the weight is very simple and the strength is very high, so when it is used, the safety of the operation is greatly increased.  Make sure that the top of the ladder is clean before use, otherwise it will simply cause slippage.

If you see grease, oil stains or paint on the ladder , please hurry up  Clean up.  Now there is also a relevant rule for users that do not wear leather shoes to climb aluminum ladders, simply slip.  When you use the ladder, please check it first and pay attention to safety.  Twill: The twill of the ladder beams and treads is on any 1m length, and the average inclination height should not be greater than 80mm.

Wood knots: Ladder beams and treads must not contain dead knots (including soft knots and rotten knots). On any surface of the component, the sum of all knots must not be greater than 1/3 of the width of the surface.  And must not be located on the edge of the component. Pay attention to the load limit of overweight persons or carry overweight items when going up and down the ladder.  If the ladder has a poor bearing capacity, there may be safety issues, so the weight bearing is something we cannot ignore.