What is the quality of raw materials for aluminum alloy ladders?

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Aluminum alloy ladder is now more and more widely used, but after all, it is a tool for climbing, which is related to the safety of operators. Aluminum ladder manufacturers produce  You can rest assured that the quality of aluminum alloy is definitely very good, which can ensure that people use it for a longer time. As far as the manufacturer is concerned, the material must be selected reasonably when processing, and the customer must also carefully purchase in the market.

Resin sac or bark sac: resin sac or tree with a width less than 3mm, a length less than 50mm, and a depth less than 10mm  The bladder shall not exceed one within any length of 1m. Wood knots: ladder beams and treads shall not contain dead knots. On any surface of the component, the sum of the dimensions of all wood knots shall not exceed 1/3 of the width of the surface.  , And must not sit on the edge of the component.

It is forbidden to use aluminum alloy ladders for physical fatigue or drinking, regardless of body  You are not in good condition after exhaustion or drinking, and your physical fitness is more than usual. If you climb an aluminum alloy ladder, it may be due to lack of physical strength or wrong eyesight, causing your feet to be empty, and you will get off the aluminum alloy ladder.  Falling down, the climbing position is not high, and the injury may not be serious. If you fall from a high place, there are sharp objects on the ground, and the consequences may be very serious.

Daily household life needs to use aluminum alloy ladders. Aluminum alloy ladders are used as climbing tools.  It can climb to a certain height with the help of aluminum alloy ladders.  The main purpose of using aluminum alloy ladders at home is to replace light bulbs or to decorate the ceiling in the room.  People's height cannot reach high places, so they can use aluminum alloy ladders.  Prepare household aluminum alloy ladders to create a more convenient and comfortable home life.