A state-owned enterprise in Mudanjiang customized pressure oil tank maintenance platform I movable ascending platform

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1.Supplied equipment, quantityand application

Pressure oil tank  The transformation project needs to purchase a total of overhaul platforms according to the attached drawings (pressure oil tank overhaul platform)1set.  mainly used for pressure oil tank top air safety valve  Installation and inspection

2.raw materials and related requirements

Material: Aluminum alloy;

weight bearing: greater than300kg

Structural type: movable, integral structure, the bottom pulley should have a fixed pedal,;

Protective hinges: the guardrail must be protected by hinges at the side where the guardrail enters the person; the ladder should be equipped with guard bars to avoid injuries;

Color: light gray, color  LabelRAL7035;

The top surface of the overhaul platform and the tank should be fitted with a curved surface, and the curved surface should be fitted with anti-collision strips to avoid hitting the paint surface. Portable  The movable buckle is fixed to the side of the tank; the fixed part of the buckle is connected to the tank body

3.Size requirements and information provision

The attached drawing is only a schematic diagram of the location of the maintenance platform at the power station site, the manufacturer  It is necessary to provide the corresponding manufacturing drawings or materials for the owner's review according to the procurement specifications and drawing requirements, and the manufacturing can be carried out after the review is passed.  The drawings or materials provided can at least reflect the specific structure, important dimensions, installation, disassembly and use instructions of the maintenance platform.  

Platform height size:  ~4500mm;(From the bottom of the platform to the plane where the maintenance personnel are standing during maintenance, see the corresponding dimensions in the attached picture;)

Height of guardrail: not less than1000mm;

Platform width size: not greater than1500X1400mm, see the corresponding size in the attached picture;

The length of the platform can be determined according to the specific structure and reflected in the manufacturing drawings.  

4. implementation standards

The maintenance platform is an engineering tool for high-altitude operations. In order to ensure the safety of use, the platform must be manufactured in accordance with the relevant national operating industry standards.