The climbing ladder can be used as a carrying tool for material handling and turnover

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Mobile platform ladder Non-slip aluminum alloy rack and platform treads, fully enclosed guardrail design, first and last step warning strip design, contact with equipment or buildings  The anti-collision rubber strip design is adopted to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment to a large extent.  All aluminum alloy structure, light and beautiful, maintenance-free, two people can complete the transition and move.

The secondary aluminum industry uses various waste aluminum materials to produce aluminum alloys. Compared with bauxite, alumina,  The production process of electrolytic aluminum and aluminum alloys reduces heat energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions without destroying surface vegetation, and realizes the recycling of aluminum resources. The secondary aluminum industry is in terms of resource conservation, energy saving, emission reduction, and environmental protection.  Has major social benefits.

Therefore, the secondary aluminum industry belongs to the encouraged industry specified in the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog" and has won the national industry  Policy support.  The production process generally does not have thermal cutting and a large amount of welding, and the material has no thermal deformation, so the assembly accuracy is high; while the traditional materials that use thermal welding are inevitably deformed, which affects the final assembly accuracy.

The climbing ladder can be used not only as a carrying tool for material handling and turnover, but also as an aid for ascending and picking up goods  tool.  Suitable for manual picking operations of light and small materials such as factories and warehouses.  The surface of the climbing car is treated with epoxy resin electrostatic spray, which has strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect.

The side panels that are directly welded to the keel do not need to be added with treads are relatively economical and durable, but not  Change to dismantling.  Bolt-fixed treads need thicker side plates on both sides, drill holes in the side plates, and install them directly with bolts, which can be recycled and reused.  It can be customized according to your actual needs, and can be used for any type of steel grating to be manufactured into various sizes to match the corresponding stairs.