Precautions for using aluminum alloy ladder

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Household aluminum alloy folding ladder, including the main ladder rod, the end of the main ladder rod is connected by the main hinge key, the side of the main ladder rod can be hinged to make the main ladder rod  Foldable hinges that are folded or opened in a herringbone shape. The main ladder rod, main hinge key and foldable hinge form an "A"-shaped main ladder frame when opened, and the corresponding main ladder rods on the two main ladder frames  Between the hinged pedals.

If the ladder is to the terrace or channel, the top three levels should be higher than the surface level of the terrace/channel  .  Inclined and erected ladders shall meet the requirements of 4:1 safety viewpoint.  Many telescopic ladders have been provided with safety slope tips posted on the handrails.  Climb the ladder with both hands. If you want to bring tools or materials, you should carry the required items in a backpack or waist bag.  Do not should carry long or heavy objects.

The body should not lean or stretch forward too much, and the feet should not step outside the steps.  When needed, reposition the ladder to the required position to prevent the body from overextending.  To lower the ladder, bring the two ends of the ladder closer together, then untie the fixed rope, raise the ladder a little bit, make the fixed clip off the step surface, and then slowly descend.

Aluminum alloy ladder If the descent is not smooth, you can hold the rope with one hand and  Shake the ladder back and forth gently with your hands until the ladder descends smoothly.  Organic solvent degreasing.  If the oil is not severe, soak it in the solvent for a short time; if the oil is severe, wipe it with cotton yarn dipped in the solvent, or use a bristle brush.  Care must be taken when handling door and window profiles and equipment, and the remaining solvent after use must be properly kept.

Let dry.  No matter what organic solvent cleaning method is used, the drying process must not be omitted, otherwise the meaning of cleaning will be lost.  Anodized aluminum profiles Principle of anodization: Use aluminum or aluminum alloy products as anodes and place them in an electrolyte solution to use electrolysis... The common method is direct current sulfuric acid anodization.