Many large equipment factories need to climb stairs

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Climbing Step Ladder Casters are parts of aluminum profiles that need to be used.  When installing and maintaining equipment, many large equipment factories need to climb stairs.  Industrial aluminum profiles are widely used.  They are usually used to make movable stairs with aluminum profiles.  Traditional aluminum alloy is used for welding movable  casters.  It is very inconvenient to install movable casters.  Mobile platform ladder

Industrial aluminum profile is only used for aluminum profile accessories.  You can quickly assemble an aluminum profile staircase, which is convenient to go to each site to inspect and maintain equipment, and you can push aluminum profile stairs everywhere. The assembly is very simple to select the corresponding specifications of the load-bearing aluminum profile, and select the appropriate aluminum profile specifications according to the load-bearing design structure.  Corresponding aluminum profile accessories assemble such aluminum profile moving stairs.

Now, my country’s industrial aluminum profile accounts for only about 33% of the total aluminum profile application, while other developed countries account for The ratio has reached about 60%, with a low ratio of 40%.  The difference in consumption structure reflects that the production, development and application of my country's aluminum profiles in the industrial field is still in the growth stage. It is expected that the consumption of industrial aluminum profiles in China will continue to grow in the next 10 years, and the proportion of industrial materials in the total application of aluminum profiles will be Close to 70%.

Because the aluminum profile workbench is adjustable, easy to disassemble, anti-static, fireproof, wear-resistant, and connected  The advantages of high strength, sturdiness, durability, uniform load-bearing, environmental protection and recyclability will gradually occupy the market space of workbenches made of steel. It is now widely used in manufacturing production lines, exhibitions, storage, display, anti-static workshops, hospitals,  The market share of clean room, kitchen engineering supporting and other fields can be imagined.

With the implementation of environmental protection and energy saving policies, the use of aluminum alloy workbenches will be more far-reaching and the development prospects will be broader  ! Materials can be reused: Because the parts using industrial aluminum profiles are not thermally welded in the entire production process, the parts can be easily disassembled, and all materials and accessories can be reused; while traditional materials are deformed and expensive due to cutting  Facts such as dismantling costs are rarely reused.