The mobile platform ladder is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles

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Mobile platform ladder is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profile; light weight; easy to carry; advanced square tube squeezing and riveting skills, good safety  ; And equipped with strong non-slip ladder feet.  Compared with traditional bamboo and wood ladders, aluminum alloy ladders have the advantages of light weight, strong raw materials, and no cracking and deformation. Now they have been widely used in various industrial sites.

The size of aluminum alloy ladder generally depends on the height of the 11-level herringbone ladder made by different ladder factories.  The difference is: 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 40cm and even 50cm are available. The aluminum alloy ladder brand recommends Xi'an Guangbo Ladder.  Ladder is often used in the daily life of the family and in the construction process of construction sites. Because the main function of the ladder is to make people work at high places. Ladders add their own height, so you must pay attention to safety issues during use.  :

Ladders should be consolidated, and the pillars of the ladder should be able to accept the operators and the things and materials they carry  For the total weight of the climbing, the rungs of the rigid ladder should be embedded on the pillars, the step spacing should not be greater than 40 cm, and a height limit sign should be set at the top of the spacing ladder 1 meter.  When using a ladder on lubricated hard ground, rubber sleeves or pads should be added to the foot of the ladder, and iron tips should be added to the foot of the ladder when using a ladder on mud.

The raw material of the ladder is aluminum alloy, which contains a variety of metal elements, and there must be a metal meeting with water.  Corroded.  However, after learning about the aluminum alloy company, the aluminum alloy ladder materials they produce are all oxidized. Don't underestimate this thin oxide film. It is very important for the maintenance of the entire ladder and has a great effect.  of.  Therefore, the conventional aluminum alloy ladder is not afraid of water.  Climbing step ladder

The bamboo telescopic ladder is a product of modern technology.  The structural principle is to imitate the bamboo joints, the expansion effect is to expand and contractSimilar to the fishing rod, in order to achieve the effect of retractable and capable of carrying weight, a round hole is opened on the round tube of this ladder.  A telescopic switch combined with a spring and an iron plate is added to the square pedal. There is a hand-push switch that controls the expansion and contraction on the side of the pedal, so that the iron rod will bounce in when the tube stretches to the position where it overlaps the iron rod.  analogy.