Brief introduction of aluminum alloy orchard ladder

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Ladders for orchard pruning are also called aluminum gardening ladders, garden ladders, orchard ladders, etc.;
In daily life, people often use ladders to pick and place  For things at high places, ladders are even more common in the decoration and construction industries.  Fruit trees that are higher than the human body need to be climbed up during the management and picking. At this time, aluminum alloy ladders are generally used. Orchard ladders are suitable for fruit tree picking management and garden tree pruning.  It can effectively reduce the risk of instability caused by potholes in the planting land, it is safe and convenient to use, and it is light and convenient to carry.  

The orchard special ladder is indispensable for garden planting and pruning  Tools; quality, quality, and design are all very important factors in the purchase! Orchard tree pruning and maintenance work can not only make fruit trees The growth status has been significantly improved, which can also ensure the artistry of landscaping. First of all,  Pruning the trees can ensure a beautiful tree shape and improve its ornamental. The growth of the trees is random, and the pruning of the trees makes the arrangement of the trees more layered and the tree shape is more beautiful, then the landscaping is artistic and ornamental.  Trees need to be protected during the excavation, transportation and planting of trees. For example, in the process of excavating trees, in order to ensure that the roots of the trees carry the original soil layer, a larger foundation pit needs to be dug around the roots.  . In most cities, one high-rise building after another has been erected, and various construction companies and construction units continue to develop new land, which has caused a large number of buildings to destroy the ecological balance and ultimately destroy the ecological environment. In this case,  People must clarify the importance of urban gardens to the ecological environment.

For a long time, China’s urbanization construction has mainly focused on urban growth and economic benefits, ignoring life and the environment.  With the advent of the new era, urban design pays more and more attention to public life and puts people first, thereby effectively improving the quality of urban design. According to statistics, the average water consumption per capita in our cities is 150 liters per day, which is 50% more than 25 years ago.  Toilets account for a large portion, and drinking water, kitchen water, car cleaning and greening also account for a large proportion. A sound supervision system shall be established among the masses to supervise the garden management work to avoid greening damage in daily life and make  Everyone can participate in the greening work, and everyone is responsible. When designing the construction plan of landscape landscaping, we must pay attention to the management of the construction site. On the one hand, it is to prevent the phenomenon of wasting material resources on the construction site. In the entire construction process  It should be based on the real-time situation of the construction site. In residential areas with more merchants, you can choose a more elegant and luxurious design plan to design the greening of the community, in order to design the residential community based on the satisfaction of the residents.  

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