How to choose the right attic

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1. Determination of the slope of the aluminum attic stairs

The determination of the slope of the aluminum attic stairs should take into account the factors of walking comfort, climbing efficiency and space conditions.  The connecting line of the front edge of each step of the ladder is called the slope line.  When designing aluminum alloy attic stairs, the angle between the slope line and the horizontal plane should be the slope of the staircase (the tangent of this angle is called the gradient of the staircase).  The slope of indoor loft stairs is generally 20 degrees-45 degrees, the best slope is about 30 degrees.  Stairs with special functions require different slopes.  For example, the slope of the climbing ladder is above 60 degrees, and the design of special attic stairs generally takes 45 degrees to 60 degrees, mostly 55 degrees.

2. Determination of the step size of aluminum alloy stairs

In the design of aluminum alloy attic stairs, the step size should generally be the same as the step size of human foot  Adapt.  The step size includes the distance between steps (step height) and the width of the step.  The ratio of step height to width is the gradient of the aluminum attic.  The most suitable gradient value is determined according to how comfortable people feel when walking.  Practice has proved that the comfort is high when walking, and the step height is small and the width is large.  Therefore, when choosing an aluminum attic staircase, choose the one with smaller step spacing and wider step.  It takes less effort to walk such steps.  But pay attention to the width should not be too small, preferably not less than 200mm, so as to ensure that the center of gravity of the foot is near the center of the foot and 90% of the heel is on the step.  The spacing of the attic stairs made according to different habits is definitely inconsistent.  Therefore, Baigang Aluminum supports customization, tailoring the most suitable attic stairs for you!

3. Determining the width of aluminum alloy stairs

The width of attic stairs is generally determined by the flow of pedestrians to ensure smooth traffic.  The width of the stairs for single-passenger should generally be 800-900mm, and the general finished attic stairs should be designed according to this width; but the stairs used in public places, such as: the width of the stairs for double-passengers should generally be 1100mm-1400mm; three  The width of the stairs for pedestrian traffic should generally be 1650-2100. If more people circulate, increase the width by 550 (0-150) mm per passenger flow.  When the width of the ladder section is greater than 1400mm, generally  should be provided with a handrail against the wall, and when there are more than 4-5 people on the stairs, a middle handrail should generally be added.