Correct selection of engineering ladders can avoid personal danger

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In various industrial accidents, there are many cases related to aluminum ladders.  Every day, people are injured because of improper use of ladders or poor quality ladders, resulting in disability and even death.   In this case, product quality assurance and safe use will become an important way to prevent such incidents and protect life safety.  Therefore, the purchase of ladders will become the top priority, and you must choose an aluminum ladder manufacturer that has been in the ladder industry for many years and has experience.  Ladder manufacturers, as veterans who have studied ladders for many years, use their accumulated years of industry experience to introduce the selection and correct use of engineering ladders.

Choose: When buying a ladder, you must not be greedy for cheap, but choose a professional and qualified manufacturer, so that there is early service and after-sales guarantee.  Buy comfort, use rest assured.

The inspection content of the ladder before use:

Whether the aluminum alloy ladder frame is in good condition; whether the pedal is damaged  ; Whether the parts of the aluminum alloy ladder are tightened.  If a damaged or faulty ladder is found, a warning label must be attached immediately, such as: "The ladder is damaged, please do not use" and repair or dispose of the faulty ladder immediately.  Remember: You must ensure that the damaged ladder is not used before repairing.

Use it correctly:

1. When erecting a herringbone ladder, fully open the ladder,Make sure the hinge is fully stretched.  LaddersTo be placed inA firm and flat surface, andmake sure all ladder feet are in contact with the ground  span>.  Try your feet before climbing, and then climb again when it is safe.  

2. When climbing a ladder, face the ladder, hold the handrails or pedals on both sides of the ladder with both hands, and keep your body's center of gravity in the middle of the ladder, so as to prevent your body from leaning toward one side of the ladder.  Side and cause the risk of tilting.

Always maintain three points of contact: two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot in contact with the ladder.   Don’t carry tools or objects in your hand, you need to be handed over or pulled by ropes.  
Make sure not to stand on the top two pedals of the ladder, unless otherwise specified on the manufacturing label on the side of the ladder.  

Ladder manufacturers are willing to bring you more knowledge of ladders, welcome to consult!