Lift source manufacturers help you understand the advantages of single-column lifts

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Features of single-pillar elevator

The single-pillar elevator adopts high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy material, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, flexible operation , convenient implementation, stable lifting, safety and reliability.  Its light appearance can exert high lifting ability in a very small space.  It is widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, theaters, exhibition halls and other places. It is a good safety companion for maintenance of machinery, paint decoration, cleaning and maintenance.  The source manufacturer of single-column lifts, with a variety of specifications for you to choose!  

Single column lift advantage

Single-column lifts are widely used in various occasions such as engineering construction, industrial installation, equipment maintenance, aviation, ship terminals, shopping malls, etc.   Single column liftUpRightUsing sleeve type design, stable center of gravity, small sleeve sound gap; using high-strength aviation aluminum alloy material, the stability is much stronger than mast type  design.  The indicator light on the socket of the leg frame of the single-column elevator is used to show whether the leg is installed in place.  The safety system automatically detects the installation of the outriggers, and only when all the indicator lights are on, the platform will rise, otherwise the equipment will not work, fully ensuring the safety of the staff.  The single-pillar elevator can use the emergency lowering valve on the main engine in case of power failure or emergency, and the platform can be lowered when power is not required.  Emergency stop switches are designed for single-pillar elevator platform and ground operation.  Convenient and flexible to move, and convenient to carry tools and equipment, more convenient and safer.  The design of the legs of the single-column lift is very user-friendly, and it is convenient and quick to insert and disassemble, which effectively improves work efficiency.  After the legs are installed, the legs can be folded to save space.  Aluminum alloy ladder

The above is the explanation of the single-pillar elevator provided by the source manufacturer of the elevator. Welcome to consult at any time!