Manufacturers of aluminum alloy ladders explain the types of step ladders

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Aluminum alloy step ladders are very common in life. They are mainly divided into machine tool step ladders, aluminum alloy chorus stages, aluminum alloy climbing platforms, Aluminum flat ladder stool.  The material is made of high-strength aluminum profile+ pedal, the structure is strong, and the load-bearing capacity can reach 300kg.  Industry  Step ladder can be customizedaccording to your needs to customize the length and height, or other shapes, I We can do it for you.  Aluminum alloy step ladder manufacturer, manufacturer direct sales, support customization.

The picture below shows the aluminum alloy machine step ladder. This aluminum alloy step ladder is generally used at the side of the machine tool in the workshop, or when the warehouse picks up high objects, it is common in small warehouses, workshops, etc. This aluminum alloy  The advantages of step ladders are light and convenient, and strong load-bearing! Climb step ladders

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