Good helper for life-aluminum alloy folding car wash station

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Standard aluminum alloy car wash station(Various sizes can be customized) The size is: 1200*400*100mm, the entire car wash station is made of aluminum alloy, which is light, rust-proof, and strong .  

The working plane of the car wash is made of anti-slip grade R10 aluminum alloy pattern aluminum plate, anti-slip  Strong and easy to operate.  , Factory direct sales, support customization.  

The folding part of the washing platform adopts reinforced large joints, between the step platform and the ladder legs  Red reinforcements are added to make the car wash station more robust and durable, with a load of up to 200Kg.  

The folding design is also convenient to move, and it can be used for car washing, decoration, construction,  In daily life such as unloading.  Customized car wash station is a source manufacturer with guaranteed quality; it supports customization of various sizes.  Aluminum ladder

,Professional research and development of customized aluminum alloy operating platform.  Aluminum alloy material is light, hard and not easy to oxidize, durable; use our professional equipment and  Technology escorts your climbing operations.