Ladder is our daily life tool

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Currently commonly used ladders in life can be roughly divided into  two types, one is a ladder that needs to be supported by other objects and used for climbing, and the other is a self-supporting ladder.  The ladder can be used for people to climb, and the latter has a wider range of applications and is more popular.  However, since most of the self-supporting ladders on the market currently have a herringbone structure supported by both feet, Climbing Step Ladder

The adjustment of its position in both the horizontal and vertical directions is very awkward, which leads to the limited application range and lightness and flexibility of the self-supporting herringbone ladder. It is placed and used on uneven ground.  Especially difficult.  When using a ladder, it is usually necessary to rely on the ladder directly on the panel to ensure that the operator can approach the operating position. However, due to the finished product protection requirements of the panel, any auxiliary device cannot be supported or relied on by the panel.  As a result, the ladder cannot be fixed for use.

When the herringbone ladder is adopted, although it can be self-supporting without relying on the cabinet, it is convenient for herringbone  For the transportation of the ladder, the strength of the general herringbone ladder is low, and only one person can be used for climbing at a time. This will be inconvenient when two people are required to cooperate in the operation. In order to ensure the safety of the operation process, generally one person is required  The herringbone ladder is fixed by hand, which increases the number of invalid operators and reduces the work efficiency.

Ladders are our daily life tools. The sides are made of two long thick poles, and the middle crossing is suitable for climbing  The horizontal bar is very convenient for climbing. At present, most of the ladders adopt a fixed-length structure, that is, the length of the ladder cannot be extended, which causes inconvenience during placement and transportation.  The ladder with segmented structure needs to be fixed by bolts or pins when it needs to be lengthened, but it requires manual assembly, which is very laborious and troublesome. In addition, these small parts are also easy to lose, which is not convenient for storage and transportation.  The ladder structure currently in use needs to be improved.