Aluminum alloy engineering span ladder-non-standard customized special ladder

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Non-standard customized aluminum alloy climbing straddle-Specialized researchCustomized ladders, factory direct sales, support customization;

cross ladderalso known as special ascent for crossing obstacles  Ladder,Suitable for passages or  roads where obstacles or assembly lines need to be crossed. It can also be used as a moving workbench on both sides up and down. Main structure  All are custom high-strength aluminum alloyMaterial, high strength, light weight, safe and convenient.according to the height and length provided by the customer,Customize the corresponding aluminum alloy work platformSize, full markscutall kinds of usesite,YesEquipped with casters, the transportation is quick and light.

Special ladder across obstaclesCustomized according to size and requirements, fully meet your needs  , You are welcome to come to consult