Which auxiliary tools do you choose when you climb to work?

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:13


People in many industries work at heights, such as electrical maintenance  Workers, maintenance workers in high-rise buildings, fetching objects from high places in workshops and workshops, placing items in high places in warehouses, large shopping supermarkets, etc.; when we are exposed to high-altitude operations, we need tools to assist in the work, such as insulating ladders,  High-altitude safety ropes, aluminum alloy mobile climbing platform  Wait.  

Aluminum alloy mobile climbing  The platform should belong to storage rooms, factories, supermarkets and other areas that use relatively more tools.  It has 4 advantages and characteristics;

The first feature: its movable wheel design is easy to transport and easy to move back and forth.  Mobile platform ladder

Second feature: handrail fence design, aluminum alloy climbing platform operation has safety protection, which is a safety guarantee that ordinary ladders can’t provide

The third feature: The mobile platform is made of aluminum alloy material to make the aluminum alloy climbing platform, using welding technology, rust-proof, durable, and high load-bearing.

The fourth feature: The mobile platform can be based on yours Customization on demand  The aluminum alloy mobile platform that meets your work needs can help you improve your work efficiency.

The aluminum alloy work platform has multiple  Specifications, can be disassembled and transported, with video explanation, convenient installation, and will provide you with high-quality after-sales service.