How to judge whether the work is suitable for use of ladders?

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When considering whether the job is suitable for useAluminum Ladder, you should pay attention to the following:

1,stay in a certain location for no more than half an hour

2,Whether the job is light type, if it is heavy or requires laborious process, not  Suitable for aluminum ladders,  Aluminum alloy should be usedshift to move the climbing platform or  Lifting platform.

3  ,Aluminum alloy straightladder or Aluminum folding ladderIs there a handrail

4, at work  Hands and feet can be used withAluminum alloyLadders keep three-point contact

5,The weight of the workers and the objects they carry shall not exceedAluminum alloyThe highest ladder  Safe weight

6  ,During work, the vertical centerline of the body should be kept at  Aluminum alloyBetween the ladders and the feet should be on the same rung

7、Can climb with both handsAluminum alloy  span>Ladders, if you want to carry things, you should carry them in your pocket  

8,You must make sure that you have one hand  to hold firmly during work  Aluminum alloyLadders  

UseAluminum alloy foldingWhen you are on a ladder, if you can’t hold the ladder with your hand, such as placing a cardboard box on a shelf, you must  Consider

the following factors,  To decide whether it is still suitable for usefold  Ladder to work:

1,work height

2,foldon the ladderwhetherWith handrails

3、Is the work light?

4,Not requiredFoldWork on both sides of the ladder

5、No need to stretch the body excessively  To work

6.The user can stand on the ladder with both feet

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