Aluminum boarding ladder for boarding

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Aluminum alloy boarding ladder (Aluminum alloy gangway, aluminum alloy gangway, aluminum alloy springboard, aluminum alloy springboard  Boarding ladders)

The handrails can be made into sleeve type or welded boarding ladders with embossed non-slip aluminum plates according to the needs, adapting to the fluctuations of sea waves in port and ship operations.  One end of the gangway is a hook, and the other end is a pulley (or roller).

The boarding ladder is a necessary equipment for ships to facilitate the passengers and crew to go ashore and board the ship when the ship is berthed. Aluminum alloy ladder

Bai  Steel & Aluminum Company is a professional manufacturer of boarding ladders, which can be specially designed and manufactured for the actual size of customers.  The products produced are complete in variety, safe and economical, and reliable in quality.

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