The difference between aluminum alloy ladder and aluminum alloy cage ladder

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Aluminum alloyLadder andAluminum alloy cageCage ladder  The difference is: Aluminum alloy  Climbing a certain height ladder has relatively low safety. It is generally used for daily ordinary ladders, and the climbing height is relatively low; while climbing ladders with aluminum alloy cagesYes transport construction workers to work at heights and ensure their safe facilities.  Suitable for safety requirementshigher places, such as  House construction, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, culverts, chimneys, water towers, dams and large  Construction of various projects including span scaffolding.


1,according to specific construction requirementsEnough customizationMultiple sizesAluminum alloy cage specifications, you can increase the number of support columns according to requirements. (Aluminum alloy cage ladder, aluminum alloy cage ladder, aluminum  Alloy cage ladder, aluminum alloy cage ladder, aluminum alloy cage ladder, aluminum alloy cage ladder)

2,Cage guardThe climbing ladder is prefabricated, which makesAluminum alloy cage  Ladder climbingEach part can be assembled and disassembled at will, which is convenient for workers to assemble on site without lifting equipment;Aluminum alloyMaterial decisionThe weight of the climbing ladder is optimized and the weight changes  Light and easy to transport.