Which is more non-slip, patterned aluminum plate or profile tread?

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:13


Patterned aluminum plate is a commonly used anti-slip measure in aluminum ladder products (aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum composite ladder  ); Compared with other plates, the patterned aluminum plate is not only light in weight, but also has strong anti-slip performance (aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum ladder). It can have a good anti-slip effect when used on the treaded part. At the same time, because of its alloy  The composition is also resistant to compression and impact, and it is the best choice for aluminum alloy aluminum alloy ladders.  Industrial aluminum profiles do not contain waste aluminum, advanced extrusion equipment, sophisticated technology, and no extrusion marks.  The horizontal stripes can also increase the friction. It can be used as a stepping, which is safe and convenient to step on, and is exquisite and beautiful in appearance.  The above two materials are the preferred materials for aluminum alloy  aluminum alloy treads and aluminum alloy aluminum alloy treads. The patterned aluminum plate is lightweight and resistant to pressure, and the profile steps are simple, beautiful and non-slip. Baigang Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. can design and modify the design plan free of charge according to customer needs, and customize aluminum attic stairs to customer satisfaction.  Climbing the step ladder